My many hats

Mom of four, avid traveler and vintage hat collector, New Jersey engagement manager Sari shares her secrets to enjoying a full life:

McK: Tell us about your path to McKinsey and your role.

Sari inline
Sari inline

Sari: I’m an engagement manager in New Jersey. I focus in Marketing & Sales for Pharma and Medical Product companies, especially in the areas of patient engagement, patient adherence, and digital. Prior to McKinsey, I earned my MBA from Chicago Booth, and before that, I was an equities trader at a startup.

McK: We’ve heard you have children. How do you balance family and work? Any tips for us?

Sari: I have four kids! Three girls and a baby boy. Keeping our lives running smoothly requires a lot of planning and coordination. I try to minimize the logistical things so I can focus on spending time with my kids when I am home. For example, I do all my grocery shopping online and I get my kids’ clothes and supplies ready the night before so the mornings go smoothly.

I transferred to New Jersey from Tel Aviv about a year ago so I could minimize work travel. I aim to be home before my kids go to sleep every day so I can spend some quality time with them. Once I’m home, I immediately change out of my work clothes and put my phone and laptop away. Later, I’ll go back to work from home if need be.

My husband is incredibly supportive. I couldn’t do any of this without him.

McK: What is one of your most memorable family moments?

Sari: We love to travel. One of our most recent trips was a seven-week adventure to Australia and Tahiti while I was on maternity leave with my youngest. We went camping in the Outback, dived the Great Barrier Reef, and relaxed on beautiful Moorea.

McK: Do you have any hobbies? We’ve seen you in a lot of hats...

Sari: I have more than 80 hats! I find them in all sorts of places. My favorites are vintage hats because they have such character.

I’ve been on a yoga kick lately and have practiced it every day for the last three months. I started while in Tahiti. I also love to entertain and have company on Shabbat at least twice a month. Another time, I’ll give you tips on how to cook a dinner party for 10 people in an hour.

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