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Pedro learned a lot about design during the last two decades and several roles. Now he’s busy inspiring clients and colleagues to value his craft.

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I’ve been in the field of design for the better part of two decades on both client–side and design consultancies. I started my career designing logotypes, magazines, posters and album covers, inspired by the likes of David Carson and Neville Brody. I did a stint in advertising and soon realised it wasn’t for me. Then, I joined a design agency in London that specialised in websites. There and then I recognised this was something I really wanted to do.


I worked at various design agencies in London and after 10 years, I joined the BBC’s Future Media and Technology department to work on their London 2012 strategy. We developed a website, a mobile app and their streaming services. It was pretty awesome to impact the strategy of various channels and engage millions of users.

My experience at the BBC led me to work as a creative director at Vodafone and then Barclays. In October 2014, I got a call to join McKinsey’s Design team as an executive design director at Digital McKinsey.

Since accepting the role three years ago, I’ve travelled the world working on exciting projects with incredibly smart and interesting people. Going around the globe, inspiring clients and colleagues about design and customer experience has made the last three years very fulfilling.


It has been incredible to see how much the firm has embraced design as a crucial part of client service. We integrate design methodologies with the firm’s more traditional problem–solving approach to discover new perspectives while unravelling some of our clients’ toughest strategic puzzles.

Lessons learned

Since joining McKinsey, I have grown as a person by learning about different cultures, customs and behaviours that help me better understand how to solve our client’s problems more effectively.

As an advocate for the customer and the design process within the corporate environment, I led experience design teams that built a digital bank in the Middle East, helped people make smarter choices about their retirement in Chile, and re–imagined the experience in one of London’s biggest maternity wards. I cannot think of more exciting work.

More about Pedro:

When I’m not in a boardroom or team room talking about design, I spend time in London with my 13–year–old daughter cooking, watching movies, listening to music, and swimming…until winter arrives, then, as my daughter regularly points out, winter is for eating chocolate not swimming.

Since I spend a lot of time on airplanes I’ve been catching up on a bunch of books. I’m currently reading a book by Yvon Chouinard called “Let My People Go Surfing.” The book sums up my approach to work–life balance. As much as I love being in a team room, solving problems and designing experiences, there comes a time of day when I just say “I’ve got to go surfing!”

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