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Aaron Aboagye
Partner, New Jersey
Specializes in advising semiconductor and automotive companies on strategic and operational topics
Danielle Bozarth
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings extensive experience in serving consumer-goods, retail, and consumer-focused private-equity clients on transformations,...
Shaun Callaghan
Partner, New Jersey
Leads our work in the consumer goods and consumer health sectors to develop long-term growth strategies and the organizations...
Michael Conway
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Leads our global work in international development, public health, and biopharmaceuticals, helping leading organizations in public,...
Tom Dohrmann
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Leads large-scale organizational transformations and operations improvement for federal-, state-, and local-government clients
Sherina Ebrahim
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Helps consumer goods and medical device companies grow through transformative approaches to strategy, sales and marketing, enterprise...
Suhrid Gajendragadkar
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Serves as a leader in the Financial Services Practice with a focus on banking, working with financial institutions, financial...
Katy George
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leads the Operations Practice in North America, is a co-convener of the practice globally, and is a member of McKinsey’s Shareholders...
Amar Ghai
Expert associate partner, Philadelphia
Helps financial services organizations advance their digital transformation agenda by building new digital businesses, modernizing...
Jocelyn Grahame
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Applies her organizational expertise to help clients shift strategy, improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behavior
Judith Hazlewood
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings more than 25 years’ experience advising healthcare and pharmaceutical company executives as they set strategy, pursue organizational...
Jessica P. Kahn
Partner, Washington DC
Coleader of our US state Medicaid and social services information technology work
Jose Luis Blanco
Partner, Philadelphia
Advises infrastructure and real-estate clients on selecting, planning, deploying, and delivering capital projects
Max Magni
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Advises leading multinational consumer-goods companies as they seek growth and performance across borders; brings deep expertise...
Aamir Malik
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Develops growth strategies, guides M&A, and implements large-scale programs to transform performance for pharmaceutical companies
Sophie Marchessou
Partner, Paris
Helps retailers and consumer-goods companies improve performance through strong strategy, sustained growth, effective marketing...
John Means
Partner, Washington DC
Develops sustainable, thriving communities with real estate executives, infrastructure developers, and government leaders
Scott Perl
Partner, Washington DC
Serves major utility and energy clients across a variety of strategic, organizational, and downstream operational issues, including...
Peter Pfeiffer
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Advises top pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies as they pursue strategic and operational objectives in research...
Raman Ramanathan
Partner, Washington DC
Serves aerospace and defense companies and private equity investors in accelerating growth and profitability, with an emphasis...
Paula Ramos
Partner, New Jersey
Offers strategic guidance to consumer executives looking for new sources of growth and stronger commercial performance
Scott Rutherford
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Helps defense and security agencies, financial institutions, and executives in a range of sectors tackle strategic, organizational,...
Bill Schaninger
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values,...
Shelley Stewart III
Partner, New Jersey
Helps companies accelerate growth and design new go-to-market models in the private equity, advanced industries, and technology...
Zachary Surak
Partner, New Jersey
Counsels executives in the financial services sector and beyond, with deep experience in operational transformation programs anchored...
Sarah Tucker-Ray
Partner, Washington DC
Helps government leaders deliver better outcomes for the public, including improved operations, enhanced customer experience,...
Belkis Vasquez-McCall
Partner, New Jersey
Draws on agile methodology to inspire greater levels of performance across the enterprise and accelerate the pace of new-product...
Alexandra C. Wood
Senior Solution Leader and Associate Partner, New Jersey
Applies advanced analytics, behavioral science, and digital technology to enable organizational transformation

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