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André Dua

Senior PartnerMiami

Provides strategic counsel and advises on performance transformation to state and local governments as well as public and private universities and systems

André is a member of the McKinsey Global Institute Council, which advises on MGI’s research on global economic, business, and technology trends. His work and research span four interrelated areas: company transformation, the future of work, higher education, and state and local government.

André has worked with many leaders of large and small companies and governments on performance transformations. As a leader within McKinsey’s Transformation Practice, he has experience designing and delivering transformation programs that drive superior improvement across all business and operational levers, including revenue, cost, capital efficiency, and customer and citizen experience. 

As a leader of McKinsey’s future of work initiative, André works with companies, communities, and education systems on training and reskilling programs. In addition, he was the founder and chair of McKinsey Academy—the firm’s vehicle for transforming the performance of leading institutions by unlocking the potential of people. The Academy designs and delivers large-scale capability-building programs that support performance transformations. 
He also founded and leads McKinsey’s higher-education work and has served more than 20 public- and private-university systems and campuses around the world, including research, comprehensive, and community colleges. This work has spanned a range of issues, such as strategy, research preeminence, administrative excellence, enrollment and financial aid, capital productivity, college completion, health-sciences strategy and performance improvement, academic medical-center culture, and university board governance. He convenes McKinsey’s roundtable of higher-education board of trustees and developed McKinsey’s higher-education “Fingerprint,” a granular performance assessment of more than 800 universities in the United States.  

Previously, André founded and led McKinsey’s state and local government work. He has worked with dozens of state and local governments on citizen experience, economic and workforce development, infrastructure strategy and capital budgeting, disaster recovery and resilience, healthcare strategy and innovation, and administrative operations. He developed McKinsey’s proprietary Leading States Index, which evaluates state performance on numerous dimensions of critical importance to citizens.

André previously led McKinsey’s regulatory-strategy work, cofounded the McKinsey Asia Center, and was a partner in McKinsey’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice for more than a decade.

He currently serves on the board of the Citizens’ Budget Commission, and on the advisory council for the Oxford University Initiative on AI and the Law. Previously, he served on the boards of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, and the United Way of New York City, where he was vice chair.

André coauthored the McKinsey Global Institute’s report, The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow and has written articles for Harvard Business Review and numerous other publications on reskilling the workforce. He is also a coauthor of the 1997 book, Sustaining the Asia–Pacific Miracle: Environmental Protection and Economic Integration, for which he received a grant from the MacArthur Foundation. In 2003, the World Economic Forum named him one of 100 “global leaders for tomorrow.”

Prior to joining McKinsey, André was a research fellow at Yale Law School.

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Past experience

Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Australian Youth Institute
President and founder


Yale Law School
LLM, public law

University of Sydney
LLB, business law
BS, econometrics, economics