McKinsey Academy helps organizations equip their people with the needed skills to achieve and sustain transformational impact.

We believe an organization’s capabilities are the most important competitive differentiator today and in the future, as organizations chart their path to the next normal. Our research shows that organizations that focus on skill building and having the right resources in the program are three times more likely to succeed in a change effort. We created McKinsey Academy as our capability building center of excellence to help organizations build capabilities at scale to drive change. We focus on building capabilities that enable strong leadership teams, enterprise-wide transformations, and performance improvements in functional topics such as digital, agile, sales, and operations. Our programs help the entire organization from the top team to middle management to front-line employees. Our deep understanding of our clients' personal business objectives and organizational contexts means we can work with them to build capability building programs that directly tie to drivers of value and support their broader transformation efforts.

How we help clients

We help organizations accelerate performance and unlock value through leadership development and capability building at scale, in the following areas.

Ability to Execute

Enable enterprise-wide transformation through capability building


Build the capabilities needed to realize digital aspirations


Achieve excellence across the operations value chain

Leadership & Management

Develop transformative leadership mindsets and capabilities


Build marketing and sales capabilities to sustain above-market growth


Build the required capabilities to safeguard our planet and advance sustainability


client participants




leaders have gone through coaching programs

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Our Approach

Our programs focus on sustaining transformational change. We do this by building capabilities and changing day-to-day mindsets and behaviors through a broad range of techniques including digital and virtual programs, expert and peer coaching, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, and simulations. This approach helps individuals acquire new mindsets and skills, apply these in the context of real work and build new habits that drive and sustain lasting change.


  • In-person and virtual workshops
  • Digital learning
  • Experiential go and sees


  • Fieldwork initiatives
  • Performance support, including job aides, tools, and templates
  • Individual and team assignments
  • Peer learning teams
  • Expert coaching
  • Sponsor and manager coaching


  • Behavior change supports
  • Reinforcement, including nudges, reminders, and microlearning

Impact Stories

Our Assets


Seamless multi-device experience platform, including gamification, social learning, reinforcements, and learner dashboards

Experiential learning

20+ capability centers, model factories, immersive experience studios, go-and-see visits, and all-inclusive learning campuses around the globe

Offerings and content

350+ in-person and digital modules, as well as standardized assessments and mini programs

Expert Team

Hundreds of learning design and delivery consultants, instructional designers, program managers, operations experts, and change facilitators worldwide

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