McKinsey Academy accelerates professional growth to sustain transformational change

An organization’s most important asset is its people. Organizations that invest in opportunities and resources for skill building can develop a resilient workforce that is able to weather uncertainty and adeptly chart a path to the next normal. McKinsey Academy is dedicated to helping organizations build capabilities at scale to drive sustainable and inclusive growth. We enable strong leadership teams, enterprise-wide transformations, and performance improvements in functional topics such as digital, operations, sales, and sustainability. Our programs unlock potential across all levels of an organization, from the executive team to middle management to frontline employees. Our deep understanding of our clients’ business objectives and organizational contexts means we can work with them strategically to create learning experiences that support their broader transformation efforts and add value to their bottom lines.


Ability to Execute

Build the skills and mindsets that matter most, while empowering employees to improve the way they work


Equip teams to launch, execute, and scale digital transformations by building leadership, analytics, agile, and technical capabilities


Develop functional and leadership capabilities to achieve excellence across the operations value chain, from procurement to manufacturing and more

McKinsey Management Program

Unlock mindsets and behaviors at all levels to drive superior organizational performance and health

Growth, Marketing & Sales

Build marketing and sales capabilities to drive revenue generation

Connected Leaders Academy

Equip underrepresented leaders with the capabilities, mindsets, behaviors, and networks they needed to achieve their aspirations


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What we do

As the world rapidly evolves, so must the skills and competencies of an organization. Through McKinsey Academy, we teach and reinforce the skills and behaviors that individuals and organizations need to excel. We help build capabilities and change day-to-day mindsets and behaviors through a broad range of techniques, including digital and virtual programs, expert and peer coaching, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, and simulations. This behavioral science–based approach helps individuals acquire new mindsets and skills, apply them in the context of real work, and build new habits that drive and sustain lasting change.


  • In-person and virtual workshops
  • Digital learning
  • Experiential Go & Sees


  • Fieldwork initiatives
  • Performance support, including job aides, tools, and templates
  • Individual and team assignments
  • Peer learning teams
  • Expert coaching
  • Sponsor and manager coaching


  • Behavior change supports
  • Reinforcement, including nudges, reminders, and microlearning

Impact Stories

Our Assets

Technology and tools

Seamless multi-device experience platform, including gamification, social learning, reinforcements, and learner dashboards

Experiential learning

20+ capability centers, model factories, immersive experience studios, go-and-see visits, and all-inclusive learning campuses around the globe

Offerings and content

350+ in-person and digital modules, as well as standardized assessments and mini programs

Expert team

Hundreds of learning design and delivery consultants, instructional designers, program managers, operations experts, and change facilitators worldwide

About us

When McKinsey Academy first launched in 2014, we provided clients with tool kits for developing capabilities in problem solving, communications, and strategy. Today, we have more than 30 offerings. Our best-in-class facilitators draw on their vast industry expertise to bring these trainings to life. McKinsey has been recognized with more than 40 Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards over the past seven years in recognition of our distinct learning and experiences.

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