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Growth, Marketing & Sales

Build marketing and sales capabilities to sustain above-market growth

Generating and sustaining growth requires sales, marketing, pricing, and customer experience teams to change not only the way they work, but also their mindsets. In the next normal, this will be truer than ever. Ad-hoc workshops and other short training bursts often fail to develop long-term growth. Lasting change requires a more comprehensive, strategic approach to cultivate the skills that matter and to embed capability building within an organization’s growth strategy. We make learning a part of daily work to change the way individuals and commercial teams operate, so they can transform their performance and generate long-term growth.

What we do

Customer experience

Build capabilities to create a customer-centric culture across the enterprise, and master the skills needed to execute programs that transform the customer experience.


Develop the capabilities of sales teams so they can make the transition from transaction-based to solution-based selling, engage customers effectively in remote environments, and increase the productivity of inside sellers.


Make analytics-informed marketing decisions at a global standard of excellence.


Upskill commercial organizations to capture the full impact of pricing opportunities.


client participants


organizations served


of participants believe the journey will drive business impact

Our Approach

Our programs to reinforce change can be deployed in a fully virtual format, including interactive virtual workshops, coaching, and fieldwork.

Expertise: Our more than 700 colleagues around the globe have a deep understanding of the capabilities needed to transform the commercial and customer experience for the long term.

Experience: Because we have designed and delivered hundreds of commercial transformations, we can develop learning journeys that build required skills in a repeatable, scalable way. Each journey takes learners through a proven set of experiences that change how they work, both individually and as a team.

Data and configuration: We diagnose which skills are needed and configure assets for a learning journey that can be deployed in just two to four weeks. Proprietary commercial tools such as our SalesDNA diagnostic for designing the customer experience supply benchmarked data.

Impact tracking: To help organizations capture value, our tools and assets measure the effectiveness of capability building.

Sample Program

Consultative Selling for Field Teams

To drive sales growth by embedding high-performance selling behaviors, we create best-in-class, premium learning systems based on an organization's growth strategy.

Examples of our work

Upskilling the sales function

Created a $450 million pipeline for a North American energy company by delivering a rapid global-learning program to 500-plus sales managers and sales reps.

Enhancing customer experience

Increased customer satisfaction score for a large North American bank by 10 to 30 percent. Delivered a capability building program at 1,300 branches to improve core in-branch routines through digital courses and certifications.

Speeding up product release

Reduced time-to-market by 50 percent for an American grocer by embedding agile and design-centered approaches in the IT and digital marketing functions.

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