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McKinsey Management Program

Develop transformative leadership mindsets and capabilities

Leadership and management effectiveness are crucial to performance. Companies with top quartile leadership effectiveness generate 3.5 times more shareholder return. Conscious leaders, who are able to lead themselves, are better able to lead others, their organizations, and the systems they operate in. Our proven leadership and management learning journeys can be integrated into a wide range of contexts from mergers and acquisitions to initiatives driving cultural change to supporting new ways of working. Our programs are designed for all levels of the organization from the top team to middle management to frontline employees depending on the unique needs of an organization. We believe leadership and management behaviors and mindsets play a critical role unlocking the power of all transformations. We often combine our leadership and management programs with thematic focused capability building, for example building procurement or digital capabilities, to ensure impact is tied to achieving business objectives.

What we do

Leadership transformation

Unlock personal mindsets and capabilities needed to expand a leader’s ability to more effectively grow themselves, their teams, and their organizations to drive and sustain transformational impact.


Develop foundational leadership and management skills for the next generation of leaders at an organization, in areas such as strategy, problem solving, interpersonal, communication, and team management.


Learn how to accelerate change in an organization; develop a deep understanding of what is required to drive change and make it last.


Develop the capacity to learn and grow during change; improve learning outcomes and engagement as well as job performance.


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Our Approach

Value driven: We prioritize the mindset and behavior shifts that drive value in an organization. We ground learnings in the business context by linking to real challenges and incorporating work on real problems.

Engage influencers: We align the top team on the leadership model and shifts required so they own it. We engage critical leaders in the development and delivery to ensure real change happens.

Architect world class journeys: We leverage the science of learning and behavior change to architect learning journeys. We deploy change management efforts to ensure leaders are inspired and link the program to talent systems such as performance management and advancement.

Measure and evolve: We track program impact from participant experience to return on investment and continually iterate and innovate for maximum impact.

Sample program

McKinsey Management Program

This program empowers high performing middle managers with the management and leadership competencies needed to lead teams and drive change.


Middle managers and rising leaders in an organization across all functions and business units.

Learning objectives

Develop foundational management and leadership skills necessary to drive organizational change.

Enhance capabilities in critical areas such as strategy, problem solving, communication, and team management.

Timing and delivery

Flexible deployment depending on the unique needs of an organization.

Standalone self-paced digital program or multi-month journey combining immersive digital courses and in-person or virtual application-based workshops.

Participant feedback 

“This content is incredibly valuable, especially for a young leader of an organization learning how to incorporate strategy into our work.”

“This is far and away more applicable and has more takeaway knowledge than the other required online learning modules I've had to complete.”

“Working on my real business challenges with a peer group made this invaluable.”

Leadership Accelerator

This program prepares leaders to adopt new ways of working by unlocking the critical mindsets and behaviors to accelerate personal and business transformation.

Target audience

Leaders across the organization who must adopt new mindsets and behaviors to accelerate business transformation and personal impact.

Program content and experience is tailored to the leader cohort, whether executive, top 100’s, or 1000’s at scale across the organization.

Learning objectives

Align leaders around your organizational priorities.

Develop new mindsets and skills to enable personal and corporate transformation.

Build connectivity to support and sustain change.

Timing and delivery

Depending upon the organization’s degree of change and speed-to-impact, our leadership programs can be deployed in either a multi-week or multi-month journey.

Includes pre-work, immersive faculty-led sessions, peer-based group work, and follow-on reinforcement.

Sessions can be in-person or delivered virtually.

Participant feedback 

“Best program I ever attended–I gained insights into myself, what holds me back as a leader, and built more trust with colleagues.”

“I have forged relationships I didn’t dare dream of. I have transformed to a purpose-focused leader.”

“Best development of my career. The new networks and strong personal connections were impactful.”

Examples of our work

Scaling leaders in retail

Accelerated transformation at a regional retail conglomerate by scaling leadership development reaching 100 percent of their 34,000 employees including 5,000 front-line employees and the top 1,000 leaders in the organization. Built an in-house leadership institute to develop talent at all levels of the organization resulting in an eight-point increase in their Organization Health Index.

Transforming post-merger culture to catalyze strategy shift

Acquisition of software company by a 120-year-old engineering firm outperformed the market by 35 percent and over-delivered by three times on announced synergies by equipping leaders with the capabilities and mindsets needed to lead the new organization.

From campaign executors to bank-wide strategic influencers

Fueled a marketing transformation through a focus on capabilities, shifting mindsets, and behaviors of the top 250 marketing leaders turning them from campaign executors to bank-wide strategic influencers. Followed the strategic leadership program with a digital marketing journey to complement their strategic skills with technical expertise to bolster digital fluency, broadening reach to over 1,000 employees.



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