Build the required capabilities to safeguard our planet and advance sustainability

We’re working with leading organizations across sectors to solve the net-zero equation. As with all transformations, capability gaps are one of the most difficult and important challenges faced by leaders embarking on a sustainability transformation.

Rooted in the latest thinking in behavioral science, we help organizations undergoing sustainability transformations to develop the capabilities and mindsets required enterprise-wide to fundamentally shift how they operate. Designed by our McKinsey Sustainability consultants and McKinsey Academy learning experts, we empower your organizations by providing end-to-end capability-building journeys on core topics including climate change, emissions reduction, and sustainability-related business opportunities and risks.

What we do

We equip organizations with the capabilities to understand and address the 1.5 °C pathway challenge. We work with them to create a bespoke learning journey, drawing on foundational programs:

Sustainability Masterclass

Kickstarts a transformation by equipping senior leaders with the mindsets and skills required to deliver their sustainability agenda. To meet your unique needs, two focused versions are available: Executive Edition and Board Edition.

Sustainability transformation essentials

Develops enterprise-wide awareness of core sustainability concepts, including climate transition, solving the net-zero equation, and capturing new business opportunities

Our approach

We use our proven approach to capability building in the context of transformations to ensure behavior change at-scale. We draw on a robust foundation of program elements than can be customized for audiences, geographies, and sectors.

The programs are designed to help participants and organizations:

  • acquire knowledge and skills through immersive workshops and interactive digital experiences on core topics
  • apply skills through fieldwork, peer coaching, and tech-enabled nudging—all of which can be configured to client needs to drive behavior change
  • measure behavior change and business impact in the context of the transformation

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