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Sample Program

Consultative Selling for Field Teams

To drive sales growth by embedding high-performance selling behaviors, we create best-in-class, premium learning systems based on an organization's growth strategy.

Target audience

B2B sales leaders, managers, and reps

Timing and delivery

8 to 12 weeks

Learning objectives

Sales managers

  • Develop trust within sales teams to motivate and inspire employees.
  • Manage performance across the sales pipeline with a consistent approach across the team.
  • Coach and develop a strong sales team and identify talent that strengthens it.

Sales representatives

  • Assess the potential of deals and create robust, actionable account plans.
  • Maintain a healthy pipeline, distributing time effectively across opportunities.
  • Engage customers effectively to uncover a robust set of needs and bring insights that expand the solution space.
  • Tailor, quantify, and communicate a compelling value proposition that differentiates an offering.
  • Develop a planning approach that helps to conduct productive, collaborative negotiations.
  • Evaluate and deepen current relationships, and maintain and expand the current network.


“This put me out of my comfort zone and stretched me in a meaningful way. I tried new approaches and appreciate all of the new resources.”


This program really helped me focus and I've already seen business impact because of it.


This program will lead my team to a higher level of selling, really shifting the team to have more self-awareness and emotional intelligence, create personal brands, extend social dexterity, understand sales intentions for their accounts, and shift their mental attitude to have the courage to take risks and to take personal responsibility to run their franchises.

Senior executive

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