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Linda Liu

PartnerNew York

Advises public and private organizations on how to prepare for, respond to, and manage crisis situations

An expert in crisis preparation and risk management, Linda works with both public and private-sector clients. Presently, she is helping to coordinate McKinsey’s response to COVID-19. In this capacity, she is supporting leadership teams as they respond to the organizational, business, and economic implications of this rapidly-evolving humanitarian crisis.

Linda has extensive experience serving clients in times of uncertainty. In addition to advising on strategy, she helps organizations build the capabilities and resilience to withstand future challenges. Her expertise also extends to enterprise risk management, regulatory remediation, strategic planning, and large-scale transformational change.

Some examples of Linda’s client work include:

  • spearheading central “nerve center” operations for an original equipment manufacturer – including, scenario and contingency planning, identifying leading indicators and operational metrics, and developing a master plan
  • advising a financial services company in the wake of crisis on a turn-around strategy; the effort involved scenario analysis of likely outcomes, lessons learned assessment, and board communications
  • leading a comprehensive enterprise risk management effort that spanned risk identification and assessment, articulation of risk appetite, risk monitoring and reporting, risk mitigation and remediation; the project focused on non-financial risks, reputational risk management, incident management and response
  • helping to develop a post-breach crisis response strategy, as well as a strategy for the path forward
  • supporting the development of a long-term sustainability plan for a major U.S. city, with an emphasis on infrastructure and services, workforce development, and sustainability investments; and coordinating the effort across more than 70 city agencies.

Prior to re-joining McKinsey, Linda spent a year in East Africa as a consultant with TechnoServe.


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Yale University

Harvard University
BSc, economics