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Transformational Change

RTS works with clients to transform the performance, health, and capabilities of their organizations. We work only where the aspiration is a radical, sustainable step up in performance.

Our approach to transformational change is holistic and focused on execution. We address all the factors that create value for an organization, including top line, bottom line, capital expenditures, and working capital. We often work with our clients on key strategy and business-portfolio issues.

RTS clients include CEOs and business-unit heads in organizations of all sizes, from those with a few hundred million dollars in turnover to some of the world’s largest corporations. In all cases, we form a deep partnership with aligned interests and a commitment to bring whatever it takes to deliver results.

Our practitioners are transformation specialists who have “been there, done that.” Many are drawn from industry and the world of private equity. All are experienced in the art and science of driving change and making it last.

While we are not traditional consultants, we are tightly integrated with McKinsey & Company, and we bring the best of the firm to every engagement—extensive industry knowledge, a global footprint, proprietary tools, and a broad network of relationships.

The results we achieve are exceptional across industries and geographies. Our clients regularly see dramatic increases in the value of their businesses and improvements in other key metrics of success.


Podcast - McKinsey Quarterly

Disruption, friction, and change: The hallmarks of a true transformation

– A company transformation is a holistic, top-priority endeavor that requires aggressive focus from the management team to reach the full potential of a business.