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Corporate Restructuring and Turnarounds

RTS has worked with companies across four continents on some of the most successful corporate restructurings and turnarounds of the past decade.

Our corporate restructuring and turnarounds team helps companies that are facing significant financial and operational challenges, including rapidly deteriorating performance trends, excessive leverage, liquidity concerns, loss of key management or clients, and refinancing risk. We also work with distressed companies grappling with sudden and dramatic challenges from disruptive market forces or other factors.

Combined with McKinsey’s industry expertise, our distinctive set of capabilities enables us to help clients quickly stabilize operations, while also implementing a longer-term financial and operational transformation that repairs credibility with key stakeholders and maximizes sustainable value creation.

Depending on the situation, RTS can provide a “SWAT” team of crisis-management experts or interim C-level managers who can stabilize operations while working to repair relationships with key stakeholders. We also leverage the best of McKinsey’s tools and solutions to create a blueprint for successful long-term recovery of the business. These include our proprietary benchmarking and forecasting methods, which help our clients to achieve industry-leading performance consistently.

By crafting an operating model with a time horizon well beyond the current crisis period, we prioritize longer-term sustainable value creation instead of simply glossing over the root causes of a business’s difficulties.

In some cases, our clients are well advised to seek a judicially driven or other formal restructuring of their obligations. We provide comprehensive support in these situations. RTS professionals also have experience in the role of chief restructuring officer and other C-suite positions.

Finally, we have acted as expert witnesses to provide independent, third-party credibility to a restructuring strategy.

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