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We help our clients understand, prepare for, and manage risks to ensure institutional resilience in an ever-changing world.

Resilience begins with trying to understand the future—scanning the horizon, generating scenarios, anticipating likely effects, and assessing the resources through dynamic management and a flexible operating model. To thrive in the coming decade, companies must understand their risks and develop resilience—the ability to withstand unpredictable threats or change—and then emerge stronger. Across an organization, resilience is an imperative. We help companies understand risk and resilience in order to better prepare for the future by implementing sensible change.

Our people

Ida Kristensen
Senior Partner, New York
Coleads the Risk & Resilience Practice; advises leading financial institutions on cybersecurity, strategies for risk management,...
María del Mar Martínez
Senior Partner, Madrid
Co-leads McKinsey’s Risk & Resilience Practice and advises financial institutions on growth strategies and organization, innovation,...
Cindy Levy
Senior Partner, London
Helps global financial firms on multiyear agendas related to strategy, transactions, organization, and risk governance and culture
Kevin Buehler
Senior Partner, New York
Helps senior executives at leading financial institutions solve their most challenging strategic, risk, and analytical problems
Gökhan Sari
Senior Partner, Istanbul
Leads our Financial Services and Risk Practices in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East
Dr. Mazen Ramsay Najjar
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Kuwait
Leads our Kuwait office as well as the Risk & Resilience Practice in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, is a member...
Luca Pancaldi
Senior Partner, Milan
Brings deep expertise in strategy, risk management, and commercial transformation to financial institutions around the world
Marco Piccitto
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Milan
Leads research and advises leading European financial and industrial institutions on a broad range of risk-management, business...
Thomas Poppensieker
Senior Partner, Munich
As a leader in our global Risk & Resilience Practice, advises top financial institutions and corporations across Europe on a wide...
Daniel Stephens
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Advises senior leaders across the public and private sectors, including financial services, technology, education, and housing,...
Gabriele Vigo
Senior Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Leads our Risk Practice across Asia and supports financial institutions globally, with deep expertise in banking and insurance,...
Elias Goraieb
Partner, São Paulo
Advises leading Latin American financial institutions on challenges related to strategy, data and advanced analytics, and enterprise...
Olivia Loadwick
Partner, Sydney
Advises senior stakeholders in the financial-services sector on strategy and corporate finance, capital management, risk and significant...
Anke Raufuss
Partner, Sydney
Advises clients on risk-management projects and leads McKinsey’s work in market and trading risk globally

Impact stories

Digitizing credit risk trims costs and delights customers

By building an analytics engine to support credit decision-making, the bank cut loan approval times from days to minutes.

Building stress-testing models helps a bank reduce risk and improve capital planning

The bank created a suite of models that provide a product-by-product view of profitability and expected growth, improving the... quality and speed of business decisions.

A comprehensive redesign of credit-risk systems and processes

By transforming its credit processes and systems, a leading retail bank lowered its cost of risk to 23 basis points below that... of its competitors.

Boosting profitability in collections

By tailoring collection strategies to each customer segment, a bank’s consumer-finance division reversed a growing trend in delinquencies—and... posted its most profitable year ever.

Creating a leader in compliance

Redesigned governance structure helps leading investment bank instill compliance throughout organization.

Improving the credit underwriting process

Streamlined credit process results in expected loss reductions of $15M in first year.

Featured publication


McKinsey on Risk, Number 13, October 2022

– Today’s business and public-sector leaders face a risk landscape disrupted at levels that few have seen before and none has ever confronted as an executive. We have reached a defining leadership moment, where executives are taking a step back and redefining resilience.

Featured insights

Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Are you prepared for a corporate crisis?

– No one can predict when disaster will strike—but knowing what to expect if it does will buy precious time.

Protecting your critical digital assets: Not all systems and data are created equal

– Top management must lead an enterprise-wide effort to find and protect critically important data, software, and systems as part... of an integrated strategy to achieve digital resilience.


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