Climate Risk & Response

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Strategy and risk-capability development
Portfolio restructuring

Featured Capability

Featured Experts

Daniel Aminetzah
Senior PartnerNew York
Advises global agricultural and specialty chemicals companies—along with investors in the sector—on corporate strategy, M&A,...
Hauke Engel
Partner in McKinsey's Sustainability Practice. Co-leads work on climate change globally and supports businesses across sectors...
Holger Harreis
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Helps organizations implement transformation rapidly, with groundbreaking levels of adoption and impact
Hans Helbekkmo
PartnerBay Area
Offers deep insights into risk management with a strong focus on enterprise risk frameworks, stress testing programs, and regulatory...
Kimberly Henderson
PartnerWashington DC
Supports companies, investors, and public and social sector entities to address climate change
Martin Huber
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Leads our Wealth & Asset Management work globally, helping financial-services companies make better strategic decisions and implement...
Sean Kane
PartnerSouthern California
Advises on climate, sustainability, and environmental, social, and governance topics; helps investors and high-growth sustainable...
Mekala Krishnan
McKinsey Global Institute PartnerBoston
Leads the McKinsey Global Institute’s research on topics related to sustainable and inclusive growth, including climate risk...
Cindy Levy
Senior PartnerLondon
Helps global financial firms on multiyear agendas related to strategy, transactions, organization, and risk governance and culture...
Rob Palter
Senior PartnerToronto
Specializes in helping clients identify real estate investment opportunities and strategically manage real estate assets
Hamid Samandari
Senior PartnerNew York
Cofounder and senior leader of the global Risk & Resilience Practice and Chair of the firm’s Knowledge Council, who leads our...
Olivia White
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior PartnerBay Area
Leads research on global economic, business, and tech trends and brings deep expertise in strategy, risk management, and operational...
Lola Woetzel
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior PartnerShanghai
Leads research on China, Asia, and global economic and business trends, helps cities and regions create sustainable growth, and...
Dee Yang
PartnerNew York
Advises large institutions across the public, private, and social sector on managing risk, rethinking strategy, and optimizing...

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