A comprehensive redesign of credit-risk systems and processes

By transforming its credit processes and systems, a leading retail bank lowered its cost of risk to 23 basis points below that... of its competitors.

Boosting profitability in collections

By tailoring collection strategies to each customer segment, a bank’s consumer-finance division reversed a growing trend in delinquencies—and... posted its most profitable year ever.

Building stress-testing models helps a bank reduce risk and improve capital planning

The bank created a suite of models that provide a product-by-product view of profitability and expected growth, improving the... quality and speed of business decisions.

Creating a leader in compliance

Redesigned governance structure helps leading investment bank instill compliance throughout organization.

Demonstrating impact through the three lines of defence

Supporting a global bank in defining the three lines of defence and enhancing risk controls

Digitizing credit risk trims costs and delights customers

By building an analytics engine to support credit decision-making, the bank cut loan approval times from days to minutes.

Improving the credit underwriting process

Streamlined credit process results in expected loss reductions of $15M in first year.

Transforming a global bank’s approach to market risk

A global bank undertakes a 3-year effort to revamp its market-risk models and systems, yielding more accurate risk projections... and better business decisions.

Transforming a global bank's approach to operational risk

Redefining operational risk management and controls for a global bank