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Maurice Obeid

Partner, New York
Advises New York based companies and governments on strategy and transformations, co-leads our social impact work, and shepherds our LGBTQ+ network

About Maurice

Maurice is a partner in McKinsey’s New York office. He is focused primarily in the New York area cutting across sectors, with recent work in travel and transportation, real estate and infrastructure, and government. Maurice leads the firm’s social impact committee, which works with more than 600 nonprofits and other organizations to address the world’s most pressing societal challenges.

Maurice has extensive experience enabling greater collaboration between private, public, and social entities, and brings to his work a deep appreciation for the inherent complexity of aligning disparate interests and objectives for the greater good of society.

Maurice is also a sought-after mentor of new talent at McKinsey, and the leader of the firm’s LGBTQ+ community in the Northeast. In addition to supporting his clients, Maurice serves on several boards in New York City, including The LGBT Center and Rethink Food. He is a David Rockefeller Fellow at the Partnership for New York City and a corporate leader at the Council on Foreign Relations.