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Neal Parikh


Experienced in leading high-impact commercial transformations and providing strategic expertise for airline, travel, logistics, and infrastructure companies

Neal has led transformations for a variety of travel clients on issues including revenue/commercial, mergers and acquisitions, organization, and operations improvement. He has designed new product optimization processes, ancillary revenue strategies, and integration execution plans. Adept at tailoring the firm’s expertise in advanced analytics, digital, and implementation, Neal has utilized these capabilities in client settings to drive significant commercial improvement.

Recently, Neal led commercial transformations for several distributors in the United States across food and grocery, office products, and auto. These programs included assortment optimization, pricing/revenue management, strategic sourcing, and sales strategy. The efforts also focused on capability building and designing the optimal organizational model to ensure lasting impact. Improvements led to 3 to 5 percent margin increase through a combination of sales uplift and lower cost of goods.

Neal has worked with major airlines and travel companies in both North and South America on transforming their overall revenue program and customer experience. This included evaluating the opportunities, building detailed bottom-up plans, and working with clients to implement the changes and capture value. Improvements ranged from 2 to 4 percent year-over-year revenue growth.

He has also supported several mergers end-to-end for travel, logistics & infrastructure clients. He was deeply involved in leading integration teams (of more than 100 individuals) across a number of commercial functions focused on synergy capture, master planning, and organizational design. He ensured a consistent and positive end-customer experience by playing an integrator role across commercial and operational functions.

Neal was born and raised in Dallas and has been active in the community over the years in various arts, uptown, and education initiatives.

Published work

Category management’s next horizon: How distributors can outperform,” McKinsey & Company, March 2022


University of Pennsylvania
BS, economics