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Dr. Sarun Charumilind

Partner, Philadelphia
Supports the design and delivery of high-quality, efficient, accessible healthcare that generates the best possible individual and population outcomes through clinically driven, healthcare-value strategy and analytics

About Sarun

Sarun is a leader in McKinsey’s Healthcare Systems & Services and Public & Social Sector Practices, focused on transforming healthcare to generate high-quality, efficient, and accessible care and achieve the best possible individual and population outcomes. He coleads the healthcare innovation domain and leads the firm's network, care delivery, and payment innovation efforts across the healthcare value chain.

Sarun supports a broad range of organizations, including private and public payers, providers, investors, technology innovators, government agencies, and foundations. He tackles healthcare and public-health challenges through clinically-driven, data-backed strategy and analytics, and through his leadership of multidisciplinary teams of generalist consultants, advanced analytics practitioners, and technologists.

Sarun also leads the firm’s global COVID-19 epidemiology capability and has led the firm’s support to clients and society to combat the opioid crisis. During the pandemic, Sarun has supported hundreds of public, social, and private sector organizations globally to apply epidemiology and public health to strategy and business planning.

Published work

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Past experience

Massachusetts General Hospital
Attending physician, General Medicine Unit and Chelsea HealthCare Center Urgent Care
Resident, Primary Care and Internal Medicine

Harvard University
Researcher, Global Health Delivery Project 

Health in Harmony
Teaching physician, Indonesia


Harvard University
BA, history and science

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
MSc, public health in developing countries