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Erica Hutchins Coe

Partner, Atlanta
Advises leading public- and private-sector healthcare organizations across healthcare value strategies, including improving care delivery for mental and substance use disorders, innovating around social determinants of health and understanding regulatory implications

About Erica

Erica leads McKinsey’s Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare and is part of our broader Healthcare Systems & Services and Public & Social Sector Practices. She has spent almost 15 years working with the management teams of leading public- and private-sector healthcare organizations. Through the Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare, Erica leads McKinsey’s ongoing efforts to invest in issues deeply relevant to society, such as social determinants of health, rural health, maternal health, and behavioral health—including improving care delivery for mental and substance use disorders—with the explicit purpose of sharing insights and results so others can replicate what proves effective.

To that end, Erica is leading the firm’s efforts around social determinants, working with payer, provider, government, and non-profit clients to take specific action to move from philanthropic pilots to scaled programs. She is also a leader of McKinsey's client service and research on behavioral health, focused on improving care delivery for mental and substance use disorders. Erica is committed to improving behavioral health outside of McKinsey as well, including having served on the board of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City.

Erica helped to launch and lead our McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform for the last seven years. She remains a go-to voice for McKinsey and clients on health policies and health insurance markets more broadly, particularly as it relates to regulatory implications in the above identified areas critical to the benefit of society.

Before joining McKinsey, Erica worked for a boutique healthcare strategy consultancy. She was also with Massachusetts General Hospital, collaborating on clinical trial research and assisting in the management of a mental health-focused nonprofit, and spent time working with the Carter Center Mental Health Program under Rosalyn Carter, based in Atlanta.


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Easton Associates
Associate consultant

Harvard Interfaculty Program for Health Systems Improvement
Writer and interviewer

Massachusetts General Hospital, The Harris Center
Research assistant


Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health

Columbia University, Graduate School of Business

Harvard University
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