Our People

Regional leaders

Sajal Kohli
Pavlos Exarchos
Rohit Razdan
Warren Teichner
Daniel Zipser
Christina Adams
Advises consumer-packaged-goods companies on growth strategies through a variety of channels and is a leader of ConsumerWise
Kari Alldredge
Serves consumer-facing clients on commercial topics including growth strategy, marketing, and sales while helping to achieve...
Bill Aull
Promoting transformations that create significant value, tailored for clients' unique starting points
Gemma D’Auria
Senior PartnerMilan
Supports retail, fashion, and luxury brands in driving transformations for higher performance and health
Klaus Behrenbeck
Senior PartnerCologne
Helps retail- and consumer-facing clients achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence
Achim Berg
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
Advises global apparel, fashion, and luxury clients on strategy, operations, and marketing, helping executives design and execute...
Ilke Bigan
Helps consumer-facing companies, particularly in telecommunications, media, packaged goods, and retail, set strategy and boost...
Onno Boer
Helps set strategy, drive performance, and derive insights from analytics; working across the apparel, retail, and consumer sectors...
Danielle Bozarth
Senior PartnerNew York
Brings more than 20 years of experience serving a broad set of B2C companies, including in travel, logistics, consumer, and retail...
Becca Coggins
Senior PartnerChicago
Leads McKinsey’s global Retail Practice, where she advises retail and hospitality clients on transforming performance, health,...
Biljana Cvetanovski
Advises consumer-facing clients on marketing strategy and growth with deep expertise in how to deliver sustainable growth through...
Peter Dahlstrom
Senior PartnerLondon
Global Head of McKinsey’s Alliances & Acquisitions, and serving leading institutions, predominantly in the telecommunications,...
Pierre de la Boulaye
Leads our Consumer practice in France. Supports major consumer goods companies with growth strategies, operating model redesign,...
Sandrine Devillard
Senior PartnerMontréal
Leads McKinsey's European consumer and retail sectors with a focus on consumer goods, apparel, fashion and luxury, and commercial...
Alejandro Díaz
Senior PartnerDallas
Helps global consumer-facing companies capture growth opportunities and achieve excellence in strategy, marketing, manufacturing,...
Mike Doheny
Senior PartnerAtlanta
Transforms performance for consumer and logistics companies, driving growth and productivity to improve financial performance
Karel Dörner
Senior PartnerMunich
Uses his extensive experience in digital transformation, digital marketing, multichannel technology, and e-commerce to help retail...
Brian Elliott
Founder & Senior Advisor, Periscope and Senior PartnerNew Jersey
Leads merchandising and revenue growth transformations, leveraging advanced analytics, big data, and digital redesign
Liz Ericson
Serves consumer-facing organisations on digital projects, including omnichannel strategy, organisation, marketing, and product...
Dave Fedewa
Serves clients in consumer and retail and leads consumer durables and our growth by design work
Ignacio Felix
Brings deep knowledge and expertise to help clients in large-scale operations-transformation efforts, leveraging digital and...
Bo Finneman
Advises clients on growth topics including brand positioning, product design, and go-to-market activities such as pricing and...
Søren Fritzen
Senior PartnerCopenhagen
Helps global consumer clients achieve strategic and operational excellence
Tomohiko Funaishi
Supports retail, consumer-packaged-goods, and retail-banking industries across strategy, operations, marketing, and organization...
Christoph Glatzel
Senior PartnerCologne
Works globally with business-to-consumer clients, including consumer-goods and retail companies, on transforming performance...
Jonathan Gordon
PartnerNew York
Focuses on helping clients get the most from their marketing, with an emphasis on using analytics to maximize returns across...
Stacey Haas
Works with consumer companies on driving growth through portfolio strategy and innovation
Damian Hattingh
Leads our consumer work in Africa, advising consumer goods companies and retailers across the globe on commercial initiatives...
Brian Henstorf
Senior PartnerDallas
Drives top-line growth and margin expansion at consumer companies through successful commercial transformations
Fernanda Hoefel
PartnerSão Paulo
Member of the consumer group in Latin America, working with retail and consumer clients, and shopping malls, to drive value creation...
Steve Hoffman
Specializes in driving performance for consumer clients with a focus on procurement, omnichannel fulfillment, and operations-strategy...
Sven Houthuys
Advises and serves consumer-packaged-goods and energy-sector companies, with a focus on digital, capability building, large-scale...
Daniel Hui
PartnerHong Kong
Serves consumer facing clients on go-to-market transformations in the evolving digital world
Naoyuki Iwatani
Managing Partner Japan, Senior PartnerTokyo
Helps consumer goods and services companies, and retailers with their operations transformation, strategy development, merger...
Felipe Ize
PartnerMexico City
Serves consumer-goods companies in marketing and sales areas—specializing in revenue growth management—with extensive experience...
Marcus Jacob
Advises retail and consumer-packaged-goods companies across Europe on a variety of strategy and corporate finance initiatives,...
Jeff Jacobs
Drives growth through superior brand insights, bold commercial ideas, data-driven marketing performance, and collaborative capability...
Matt Jochim
Serves consumer-packaged-goods and retail clients on issues, such as the optimization of selling, general, and administrative...
Hyejin Kang
Senior PartnerSeoul
Brings deep expertise in corporate governance, organizational design, cross-border strategy alliances, M&A, and post-merger management...
Greg Kelly
Senior PartnerAtlanta
Leads McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice globally and drives transformational growth for consumer and retail companies...
Marcus Keutel
Helps retail and consumer-goods companies pursue digital transformations to achieve stronger omnichannel and e-commerce performance...
Rehana Khanam
Drives large-scale performance-improvement programs as a leader of our operations work for consumer clients
Tom Kilroy
Senior PartnerChicago
As managing partner of McKinsey’s Chicago office, leads retail commercial transformation work in North America, serving...
Udo Kopka
Senior PartnerHamburg
Helps global consumer-goods and retail clients with growth strategy, organization, and operations transformations
Mathias Kullmann
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Brings extensive experience in commercial transformation, digital marketing, and advanced analytics to retail, consumer, and...
Franck Laizet
Senior PartnerZurich
Leads our work in the retail industry in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Simon Land
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Helps consumer-goods companies in both developed and emerging markets shape and execute growth strategies
Robert Levin
Senior PartnerBoston
Leads the consumer Digital and Analytics Practices in North America and works with consumer packaged goods, retail, and healthcare...
Julie Lowrie
Leads consumer growth topics with CMOs and heads of sales at consumer and healthcare companies
Sheldon Lyn
PartnerSouthern California
Helps consumer, technology, and media companies achieve sustainable, profitable growth driven by advanced-analytics-enabled strategies...
Clarisse Magnin-Mallez
Senior PartnerParis
Managing Partner of McKinsey in France. Leads our work in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in Africa, Europe,...
Audrey Lucas
Senior PartnerMinneapolis
Helps leading organizations drive sustainable growth by adapting their business and operating models to the rapidly evolving...
Ignacio Marcos
Focuses on client service in consumer and medical-technology companies, with an emphasis on end-to-end transformations
Massimo Mazza
Senior PartnerSão Paulo
Advises consumer-goods and retail companies across emerging markets on large-scale, profound, and sustainable transformations,...
Sorcha McKenna
Helps deliver organisational transformation in health care, with a special focus on designing and implementing integrated care...
Ludovic Meilhac
Expert PartnerStamford
Brings hands-on executive experience driving operational excellence—including procurement, supply-chain management, and lean...
Duncan Miller
Senior PartnerAtlanta
Leads commercial transformations at consumer companies to drive both topline growth and margin expansion, and oversees our consumer...
Jessica Moulton
Senior PartnerLondon
Helps multinational consumer-packaged-goods, retail, and food-service companies pursue strategic growth opportunities and strengthen...
Ryan Murphy
Senior PartnerAtlanta
Co-Leads McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice for consumer goods, and works with consumer-goods and retail companies...
Nora Ottink
Supports consumer packaged goods, apparel, and retail companies as they achieve growth through M&A, strategy, and commercial...
Mohcine Ouass
Guides established and emerging companies in redefining business models and pursuing new business-building opportunities
Megan Pacchia
PartnerNew Jersey
Megan advises global consumer and retail clients on holistic growth strategy, digital transformation, and agile operating model...
Fernando Perez
Senior PartnerMiami
Transforms manufacturing and service companies enabling substantial improvement in performance. Leads McKinsey’s Logistics Service...
Jesko Perrey
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Helps clients deliver above-market growth by transforming their marketing and sales capabilities.
Anna Pione
PartnerNew York
Helps companies and investors in the consumer health and wellness space develop and execute on commercial growth strategies
Emily Reasor
Senior PartnerDenver
Brings growth and advanced analytics capabilities to retailers and consumer-facing companies
Daniel Rexhausen
Senior PartnerStuttgart
Serves a broad range of retail, consumer goods, logistics, and healthcare clients with a focus on sustainability and operations...
Pieter Reynders
Leads growth, strategy, operating model and transformation programs for consumer companies, driving step-changing revenue and...
Stefan Rickert
Senior PartnerHamburg
Coleads our consumer M&A work globally, serving clients across a wide array of consumer industries and previously coled our global...
Roger Roberts
Expert PartnerBay Area
Advises clients in a broad range of industries as they address their toughest technology challenges—and make the most of emerging...
Alex Rodriguez
Brings global perspective on consumer and retail issues, with expertise in customer experience, operations, and frontline change...
Bill Russo
Senior PartnerMexico City
Works closely with retail and consumer goods companies across the globe to develop growth strategies and transform operations....
Frank Sänger
Senior PartnerCologne
Leads the consumer-goods and retail sector work in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, and our global work in retail-operations,...
Markus Schmid
Helps retailers and consumer-facing industries digitize their cores and build winning omnichannel businesses
René Schmutzler
Works with leading consumer-goods manufacturers and retailers on developing and implementing growth strategies globally
Patrick Simon
Senior PartnerBerlin
Advises companies across industries on a broad array of topics with a focus on organizational transformation and harmonizing...
Kate Smaje
Senior PartnerLondon
Serves consumer-facing companies on digitally enabled strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational initiatives that will...
Suyin Soon
Helps consumer-goods companies in Southeast Asia build winning strategies and rethink marketing and sales
Jennifer Spaulding Schmidt
Senior PartnerMinneapolis
Increases the competitiveness and profitability of retailers and consumer companies by leading large transformation programs...
Hans-Martin Stockmeier
Senior PartnerDubai
Leverages deep expertise to help financial institutions, family-owned businesses, and clients in consumer-facing industries transform...
Rodrigo Slelatt
Advises clients across a wide array of industries in their most complex and transformational M&A transactions; and coleads our...
Fábio Stul
Senior PartnerSão Paulo
Global leader of McKinsey’s Transformation Practice; helps organizations achieve full potential through holistic and sustainable...
Akira Sugahara
Senior PartnerTokyo
Collaborates with clients in consumer-facing industries to improve product-innovation processes as well as sales-force and marketing...
Alexander Sukharevsky
Senior PartnerLondon
Global leader of QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey, working across industries to redefine business models and improve performance...
Joseph Tesvic
Senior PartnerSydney
Leads McKinsey’s Asia-Pacific Operations Practice, working across industries and helping clients achieve results through operational,...
Madeleine Tjon Pian Gi
Helps consumer-facing businesses and private equity investors pursue strategic growth opportunities and accelerate value creation...
Kelly Ungerman
Senior PartnerDallas
Transforms sales and marketing organizations for retail and consumer packaged goods clients, finding the potential for long-term...
Arthur Vos
Helps private- and public-sector organizations drive holistic change in strategy, operating model, and use of digital technology...
Tobias Wachinger
Senior PartnerMunich
Leads revenue growth transformations in our Retail Practice by leveraging advanced analytics and omnichannel strategies
Kristi Klitsch Weaver
Senior PartnerChicago
Advising a wide variety of consumer-facing, global organizations at pivotal strategic points on topics including strategy, growth,...
Anja Weissgerber
Leader of Strategy & Operations for ConsumerBerlin
Leads strategy and operations for our global consumer work using in-depth strategic, industry, and functional expertise supported...
Simon Wintels
Helps consumer-goods and retail clients capture growth through excellence in strategy, digital and advanced analytics, marketing...
Jan Wüllenweber
Senior PartnerCologne
Advises consumer and advanced industry clients on operations-related challenges, including IoT, procurement transformations,...
Matteo Zanin
Senior PartnerMilan
Advises consumer companies globally on strategic, commercial, and organizational issues and leads McKinsey’s B2C sales and channel...
Stefano Zerbi
Senior PartnerMilan
Leads our work around commercial transformation in the Retail Practice in Europe and has vast experience in driving growth via...