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Jesko Perrey

Senior PartnerDüsseldorf

Helps clients deliver above-market growth by transforming their marketing and sales capabilities.

Jesko works with clients to implement large-scale growth programs that deliver value. His expertise with a wide range of brands allows him to help clients uncover the most productive growth opportunities to invest in, create market-changing products and services, and continuously optimize commercial performance.

He works with clients to create digitally adept and agile organizations by bringing together the science (customer insights, marketing analytics, marketing return on investment (ROI), art (brand building, communications, customer experience), and craft (brand delivery, multichannel execution, digital capabilities) of marketing and sales).

In the digital era, customer experience has become ever more critical, touchpoints proliferate, and the demand for growth increases. Jesko helps clients develop the necessary cross-functional skills to beat the market. His most recent projects include.

  • developing a digital marketing strategy at a leading European grocery business
  • designing and implementing a personalization/customer life-cycle program at a leading specialty retailer
  • developing a big data and advanced analytics strategy at a leading European retailer
  • defining and executing an effective branding and customer experience at a leading energy group
  • designing and implementing a comprehensive customer-experience transformation at a leading European energy-retail business
  • creating a digital marketing strategy at a leading European energy business
  • designing and implementing a brand-driven growth transformation at a leading industrial conglomerate

Jesko is the author of many books, and articles in leading journals on growth, digital transformations, customer-driven growth, branding, and marketing ROI. He is also a frequent speaker on topics from the future of marketing to the power of customer experience.


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Retail Marketing and Branding: A Definitive Guide to Maximizing ROI, 2nd Edition, Wiley, 2013

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