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Anja Weissgerber

Leader of Strategy & Operations for ConsumerBerlin

Anja Weissgerber

Leader of Strategy & Operations for ConsumerBerlin

Leads strategy and operations for our global consumer work using in-depth strategic, industry, and functional expertise supported by an extensive background in marketing and consumer behavior

Anja is the leader of strategy and operations for McKinsey’s Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices globally. She manages our internal strategy for these industries, leading client-service optimization, knowledge creation, people development, and external communications.

Amongst a wider range of topics, Anja focuses on the sector’s central client-service strategy and client development, consumer insights, and talent management. Working closely with the firm and consumer network to ensure optimal client service, Anja coordinates thousands of consultants across all regions and oversees more than 100 deep-content experts. Anja has extensive knowledge on global consumer trends and their business imperatives and has deep expertise on consumer insights and consumer behavior.

Examples of Anja’s recent work include the following:

  • coleading the development and scale up of McKinsey’s ConsumerWise work, an insights capability that allows for a 360-degree understanding of the consumer, focusing on client activation, internal capability building, and external awareness
  • refreshing the global consumer growth strategy, identifying areas of growth across markets and subindustries, ensuring at-scale industry presence with superior knowledge leadership
  • scaling the professionalization of McKinsey’s global Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices across all functional areas of expertise and innovative operations
  • driving client roadshows and roundtables across various regions and subsectors

In addition to her strategy and operations work, Anja serves as risk adviser and talent counselor for our global consumer network.

Before joining McKinsey, Anja’s work focused on broader consumer-facing industries such as the airline and hotel industry. She received her doctorate degree in marketing and consumer behavior.

Anja is passionate about ballet, pilates, many water sports, and is an excellent skier. She speaks German and English, in addition to moderate French and Spanish, and supports national heritage protection particularly in her city of residence.

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Technical University of Chemnitz
PhD, economic science and business science

Leuphana University Lüneburg
MA, business administration and marketing