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Sheldon Lyn

Helps consumer, technology, and media companies achieve sustainable, profitable growth driven by advanced-analytics-enabled strategies

Sheldon is a leader in McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales Practice, where he serves consumer, technology, and media companies on a range of topics and coleads the firm’s revenue-growth management work globally. With more than a decade of experience, he helps established organizations and disruptors alike achieve sustainable, profitable growth by combining deep insights, advanced analytics, and an integrated perspective on creating long-term value.

In addition to his client work, Sheldon leads McKinsey’s research on diversity and inclusion in filmed entertainment, including the firm’s landmark research and reporting on Black representation in film and TV. The inaugural report, “Black representation in film and TV: The challenges and impact of increasing diversity”—which discovered the film industry misses out on $10 billion in revenues annually as a result of racial inequities—was covered widely in the mainstream and business press. Sheldon frequently speaks publicly on the subject.

In addition to his work at McKinsey, Sheldon serves as the chair of the finance and audit committee for The Peace Studio, a not-for-profit organization that convenes and invests in artists and journalists to promote peace. He also serves as chair of the Janet & Rupert Banton Foundation, which supports scholarship opportunities and health and wellness initiatives in Jamaica.

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Harvard Business School

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