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Advises consumer-packaged-goods companies on growth strategies through a variety of channels and is a leader of ConsumerWise

Christina Adams is a partner based out of McKinsey’s Dallas office. She has more than 15 years of commercial consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) experience and does extensive work on marketing and sales optimization, portfolio growth, consumer insights, and capability building to support companies within the consumer-goods and private-equity industries. She is a leader within McKinsey’s Consumer Packaged Goods Practice and brings consumer insights to clients as a leader of ConsumerWise, which provides a 360-degree view of the consumer’s needs and motivations. She has led portfolio optimization and growth-strategy work across personal care, food, beverage, and beauty companies in multiple geographies.

Some of her recent client work includes the following:

  • leading multiple commercial optimization projects across food and beverage companies including go-to-market strategy, route to market, and overall commercial capabilities
  • leading international expansion assessment and M&A strategy for US-based food companies that included an evaluation of plant-based alternatives
  • leading an organization operating model design covering marketing, sales, innovation, and R&D at a global beverage company
  • supporting purpose and sustainability evaluation for a protein company determining its future practices
  • leading complexity transformations such as product assortment, product design, and operations at a global beauty company
  • supporting global CPG companies in innovation, revenue management and pricing, and complexity and assortment optimization—particularly in the context of a high-inflation environment with changing consumer needs and underlying costs
  • leading multiple strategic diligences for acquisition and divestiture for both consumer goods companies and in private-equity
  • leading capability building efforts at a $5B+ food company, which included sharing experiences on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Christina started her career in brand management with a consumer products company where she helped lead business strategy development, including value proposition and focusing on the consumer, channel, and geographic strategy.

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Procter & Gamble
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Harvard Business School

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