Our People

Major Projects Leaders

Iñaki Azaldegui

Vice President, Major Projects, Abu Dhabi
Brings passion and expert counsel to delivering profitable real-estate investments that achieve the highest sustainability standards

Jim Banaszak

Partner, Chicago
An expert in engineering, procurement, contracting, and major project planning and delivery. Advises clients on capital allocation, project team...

Aaron Bielenberg

Expert Associate Principal, Washington DC
Supports major public and private sector entities in energy, infrastructure, and other sectors on project development and financing—across the...

Michael Della Rocca

Partner, Philadelphia
Leads McKinsey’s global work on infrastructure major projects, supporting clients in all asset classes throughout the entire value chain—from...

Stephan Eibl

Vice President, CP&I Major Projects, Frankfurt
Draws on decades of executive experience with high-tech industrial and transportation infrastructure to deliver complex capital projects

Alastair Green

Partner, Washington DC
Serves private equity investors and infrastructure companies to improve their performance, with an emphasis on technological disruption

Mark Kuvshinikov

Vice President, Major Projects, Houston
Brings deep expertise in the valuation, planning, and execution of major capital projects. Advises clients in the infrastructure, oil and gas,...

Tim McManus

Vice President, Major Projects, Boston
Helps clients plan, develop, and deliver multi-billion dollar capital programs, drawing on decades of experience in leading major infrastructure...

Carlos Mendes

Expert Associate Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Serves clients across the world in the planning, evaluation, management, and delivery of major capital projects and transforming manufacturing...

Guy Perry

Vice President, Urban Planning and Design, Dubai
An architect, designer, and developer who conceives and realizes leading environments that foster sustainability and well-being

Saqib Rizwan

Vice President, Major Projects, Abu Dhabi
Major projects expert with a proven track record of delivering successful multibillion-dollar projects on time and within budget

Michael Tecza

Vice President, Major Projects, Atlanta
Helps lead our global work on major projects, applying decades of experience in program and construction management, including on-time delivery...

Chris Toomey

Vice President, Major Projects, Boston
Helps clients deliver major projects and capital programs in sectors ranging from transportation to energy to real estate. Brings more than 30...

Gabriel Valtueña-Ramos

Vice President, Major Projects, Madrid
Advises clients on the origination and strategic delivery of major infrastructure projects, with deep expertise in public–private partnerships

Ghassan Ziadat

Vice President, Major Projects, Abu Dhabi
Leads McKinsey’s work on major projects in the Middle East, bringing more than 30 years of experience in delivering major infrastructure projects—including...

Practice Leaders

Lukasz Abramowicz

Partner, Warsaw
Leads McKinsey’s global work in contracting, as well as McKinsey Implementation in Central & Eastern Europe. Brings deep experience in helping...

Vladimir Aleksandrov

Partner, Moscow
Leads strategy, operations and organization projects in mining, chemical, and oil & gas industries. Has extensive knowledge of operational and...

Sergey Asvadurov

Partner, Sydney
Brings expertise in capital productivity, operational transformations, and continuous improvement. Serves industry-leading clients in general...

Filipe Barbosa

Senior Partner, Houston
Co-leads the global Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice and helps lead our work in energy and basic materials

Rob Bland

Partner, San Francisco
Leads McKinsey’s work in crisis response. Helps clients across sectors bring major crises under rapid control, identify and prevent potential...

Adrian Booth

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Serves power and gas utilities, infrastructure owners, such as investors and developers, technology solution providers, regulators, and others...

Darya Borisova

Senior Partner, Moscow
Focuses on serving clients in the oil-and-gas and chemicals industries, as well as the transport, infrastructure, and logistics sectors

Tyler Duvall

Partner, Washington DC
Advises clients in Capital Projects & Infrastructure, Transportation, and Public Sector Practices on strategy and operations

Roberto Fantoni

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Latin America, serving some of the largest industry leaders and a few major family-owned...

Arlindo Eira Filho

Partner, São Paulo
Works with major organizations in the energy, metals and mining, and infrastructure sectors, ranging from airports to railways to toll roads;...

David Frankel

Partner, Southern California
Advises electric power and industrial companies on strategy and operations, with a focus on new downstream business models and technologies

Steffen Fuchs

Senior Partner, Dallas
Steffen leads McKinsey’s global work in capital productivity with a focus on digital and innovation. He works across multiple regions, including...

Nicklas Garemo

Senior Partner, Abu Dhabi
Uses his expertise in infrastructure and operations to advise clients on strategy, organization, and operational effectiveness; specializes in...

Vijay Gosula

Senior Partner, Salvador
With expertise in Brazilian markets, including infrastructure, banking, and retail, he advises clients on improving operational efficiency, sales...

Jason Green

Partner, Calgary
Leads work in capital project productivity improvement and capital organization effectiveness for oil and gas, agriculture, mining, and telecom...

Tony Hansen

Director of the Global Infrastructure Initiative, San Francisco
Spearheads efforts to convene senior leaders in infrastructure and capital projects to move the industry forward

Martin Hjerpe

Partner, Stockholm
Supports public-sector and infrastructure clients globally. Serves clients across the entire value chain in road and rail infrastructure—from...

Mauricio Janauskas

Partner, Buenos Aires
Leads McKinsey’s Public Sector and Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practices in Argentina. Brings extensive global experience helping clients...

Samvit Kanoria

Partner, Doha
Leads McKinsey’s work in real estate and infrastructure in the Middle East and is the global leader for institutional investors participating...

Mike Kerlin

Partner, Philadelphia
Leads McKinsey’s work in infrastructure finance globally and in North America. Works with investors—including infrastructure private equity funds,...

Jan Koeleman

Partner, Amsterdam
Supports leading organizations in the energy and materials sectors. Helps clients improve returns on invested capital through targeted improvement...

Greg Kudar

Senior Partner, Calgary
Advises resource-based companies to help management teams make better portfolio choices and deliver on both capital and operating targets

Kannan Lakmeeharan

Partner, Johannesburg
Brings years of experience in the electric-power industry to his work serving clients on sector reform, operations, and capital productivity

Olivier Legrand

Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s Capital Productivity & Infrastructure Practice in Asia, and coleads our Operations Practice, with deep expertise in large-scale...

Guangyu Li

Senior Partner, Shanghai
Uses his experience in infrastructure real estate and the public and private sectors, particularly regional economic development, to advise clients...

Diaan-Yi Lin

Senior Partner, Singapore
Helps Asian government entities and companies design and implement major performance-transformation and economic-development programs

Jose Luis Blanco

Partner, Philadelphia
Advises infrastructure and real-estate clients on selecting, planning, deploying, and delivering capital projects

Ramesh Mangaleswaran

Senior Partner, Chennai
Works with leading companies and industry associations to realize the full potential of India’s manufacturing sector and specializes in shaping...

John Means

Partner, Washington DC
Builds sustainable, thriving communities with real-estate executives, infrastructure developers, and government and civil-society leaders.

Jan Mischke

MGI Partner, Zurich
Leads MGI’s research on Europe as well as on investment, infrastructure and housing from a global standpoint

Azam Mohammad

Partner, Singapore
Leads our work in energy and basic materials in Southeast Asia, supporting clients on a range of issues, including strategy, operations improvement,...

Stefano Napoletano

Senior Partner, Milan
Advises clients on capital projects & infrastructure investments and assets and supports companies on transformational change.

Subbu Narayanswamy

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Supports infrastructure rollout and real estate and city development across India, Asia, and the Middle East—supporting the growth of leading...

Kevin Nobels

Partner, São Paulo
Leads McKinsey’s Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Latin America, helping clients across the region transform their operations and...

Robert Palter

Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify infrastructure investment opportunities and strategically manage infrastructure assets.

Jean-Baptiste Pelletier

Partner, Lyon
Jean-Baptiste Pelletier advises global leaders in the pharmaceutical and process-industry sectors on their operational transformation. Specializing...

Shannon Peloquin

Partner, San Francisco
Supports major utilities, transportation, and infrastructure organizations to enhance long-term strategy and investments, operations, safety,...

Piotr Pikul

Partner, Toronto
Leads McKinsey’s global client service in major capital projects for the basic materials sector, serving leading mining & metals companies in...

Charlene Pretorius

Senior Expert, Johannesburg
An expert in capital optimization and governance. Works with infrastructure, energy and mining clients to prioritize capital projects across...

Sangeeth Ram

Senior Partner, Dubai
Supports clients in real-estate investment, development, construction, and management.

Maria João Ribeirinho

Partner, Lisbon, Madrid
Supports energy and infrastructure companies in multiple geographies on strategic and operational issues.

Henry Ritchie

Partner, Philadelphia
Uses his expertise in urban development and construction to advise public- and private-sector clients on the planning, building, delivery, and...

Filippo Rossi

Senior Partner, Paris
Brings deep knowledge of infrastructure and production operations in the electric power and natural gas industries

Robert Samek

Senior Partner, Toronto
Increases returns on capital and de-risks outcomes by building major projects faster and at lower cost

Stuart Shilson

Senior Partner, London
Combines strategy expertise with government experience to support the senior leaders of a wide range of infrastructure-related organisations

Suveer Sinha

Partner, Mumbai
Advises clients in the infrastructure and industrial sectors on strategy and transformation

Erik Sjödin

Partner, Stockholm
Creates lasting transformations for leading companies across the construction value chain, with a focus on construction digitization and suppliers,...

Sergey Sokolov

Partner, Moscow
Leads client work in mining and chemicals industries, focusing on capital productivity, investment performance improvement, and operational transformation...

Mukund Sridhar

Partner, Singapore
Helps lead the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Southeast Asia, serving owners, contractors, investors, governments, and state-owned...

Gernot Strube

Senior Partner, Munich
Advises clients in the aerospace, rail, machinery, and infrastructure sectors on digital transformations, operational strategy, and performance...

Samer Theodory

Vice president, CP&I Major Projects, Dubai
Co-leads our global work on megaprojects—bringing decades of experience in planning and managing large-scale capital projects across their full...

Gregory Vainberg

Senior Partner, Montréal
Works with management teams at resource-based companies to improve their strategic choices, investment decisions, project approvals, and risk...

Koen Vermeltfoort

Partner, Amsterdam
Advises oil and gas companies on capital projects, procurement, and strategy

Alexander Weiss

Senior Partner, Berlin
Alexander jointly leads our work in capital projects for the Electrical Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) Practice in Europe, Middle East & Africa...

Jonathan Woetzel

MGI Director and Senior Partner, Shanghai
Leads research on China, Asia, and global economic and business trends. Helps cities and regions create sustainable growth and supports the transformation...

Haimeng Zhang

Senior Partner, Shanghai
Co-leads our Organization Practice in Asia as well as our work across China on infrastructure, sustainability, and public-sector topics. Works...