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Knut Alicke


Advises companies on supply chain management and digital supply chain transformations and leads the Supply Chain Executive Academy to build client capabilities

Based in the Stuttgart office, Knut is a leader of the firm’s work in manufacturing and supply chain. He advises clients on a variety of topics including supply chain management, digital supply chains and advanced analytics, and supply chain transformations.

Knut has written several articles on subjects related to supply chain, is the author of a highly regarded book on supply chain management, and is a professor at University of Karlsruhe, teaching supply chain management. He is also the global dean of the Supply Chain Executive Academy, delivering change that matters through building client capabilities.

Examples of Knut’s experience include the following:

  • performing supply chain diagnostic and process blueprinting across different industries
  • leading a global supply chain turnaround—including network optimization, sales and operations planning, war room, and warehousing—for more than 20 companies
  • implementing a segmented supply chain to significantly reduce inventory in consumer electronics
  • optimizing lean warehousing and clean sheet network for several companies
  • designing future state and implementing demand planning, inventory optimization, production planning, and supply management

Published Work


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Past Experience

VP, consulting

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Research assistant


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
PhD, logistics