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Filipe Barbosa

Senior Partner, Houston
Coleads the firm's global capital excellence work and helps lead our work in energy and basic materials

About Filipe

Filipe is the coleader of our capital excellence work and was one of the founders of the firm’s work on capital productivity and mega projects.. He also helps lead our work in energy and basic materials. He has served several leading local and global companies, including oil-and-gas and petroleum multinationals, diversified and regional mining houses, and metal producers. His areas of expertise include strategy, mergers and acquisitions, commodity pricing, value chain, capital-project optimization and delivery, operations, and capital investment.

Filipe helped lead the creation of our strategy-development tool kit for identifying global trends and applying them to pragmatic strategy formulation.

Published work

Houston as the epicenter of a global clean-hydrogen hub, McKinsey & Company, June 2022

Oil and gas after COVID-19: The day of reckoning or a new age of opportunity?,” McKinsey & Company, May 2020

Reimagining supply-chain collaboration in a low-oil-price environment,” McKinsey & Company, June 2017

Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution,” McKinsey Global Institute, February 2017

Past experience

School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
PhD, aeronautical engineering