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Kweilin Ellingrud

McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior PartnerMinneapolis

Leads insights and discussions on future of work, gender equality, racial equity, and productivity. Serves clients across strategy and operational transformations in financial services and beyond

Kweilin is a director of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). She has led McKinsey's life insurance work in North America and is a member of the North American Operations leadership team. She has broad experience redesigning operating models to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness through process redesign, digital, and analytics.

At MGI, Kweilin has led and is most active on topics such as gender equality (Power of Parity), racial equity, generative AI, the future of work, and global competitiveness. She is a frequent speaker at global conferences and also works directly with global philanthropies, multilateral organizations, and companies on how to move towards gender and racial equality.

Kweilin is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the Board of the Greater Twin Cities United Way. She previously worked full-time for two years at a Boston nonprofit helping women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses through microfinance.

Growing up, Kweilin spent a number of years in China, Ecuador, France, and Japan, living with local families and learning the local languages.

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Harvard University
MBA; BA, economics and political science