About Mikael

Mikael leads our Operations Practice in Scandinavia. He advises and serves clients in the automotive, commercial vehicles, and discrete manufacturing industries. His areas of expertise include transformational change across functions, operations strategy and implementation, digital, and advanced analytics, and he has deep experience running several restructuring programs with high impact.

Examples of Mikael’s recent client work include the following:

  • spearheading digital manufacturing transformations, with a focus on the assembly of internal material handling and inbound supply value chain
  • designing a commercial transformation with focus on profit-margin improvement, including digitalization of internal processes combined with digital market offerings
  • leading a companywide cost-reduction program to enable a three-percentage-point profit-margin increase
  • developing supply-chain network strategy, design, and optimization
  • defining corporate strategy for an aerospace and defense company, including transformation work within operations
  • supporting business development and market expansion within logistics services
  • developing a lean manufacturing and logistics program for an automotive client, including implementation of assembly-station optimization, lean internal material handling, and performance-management systems

Paset Experience

Accenture Management Consulting
Engagement manager

Schenker North AB
Supply chain consultant


University of Gothenburg
MSc, logistics and transport management

Chalmers University of Technology