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Productivity and Resilience
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Productivity & Resilience

Maximizing operational resilience through productivity, flexibility, and speed.

In volatile times defined by economic, political, regulatory, and technological uncertainty, operating models that depend on stability are no longer fit for purpose.

Today’s winning organizations are moving faster and further than their peers to achieve a new level of operational resilience. 

They’ve recognized that new digital tools and analytic approaches are freeing enterprises from having to choose between accelerated productivity improvement and increased flexibility. Instead, businesses can—and must—attain both at the same time. Those that do build momentum that lets them outpace and outmaneuver their peers.

Our approach

A resilient operating model is one that continues to generate value through business cycles, despite competitive disruption and despite being in the face of profound economic and social shifts.

We help organizations understand precisely where and how they can maximize their operational resilience. Through thoughtful, targeted development of the highest-impact applications of new capabilities and technologies, an organization can create a virtuous cycle in which productivity and flexibility reinforce one another.

Featured capability

Operations Resilience Index

The Operations Resilience Index is a proprietary methodology that helps organizations benchmark the resiliency and flexibility of their value chains.

Based on a detailed analysis of an organization’s cost structure, current productivity levels, and rate of improvement, the index looks at a set of more than 40 factors across an organization’s value chain. For each, it evaluates the degrees of freedom available to the organization if it needs to modify its costs.

Find out how the Operations Resilience Index can help your organization

Featured insights

Executive Briefing

COVID-19: Implications for business

– The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a... growing impact on the global economy. This article is intended to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the perspectives in this article may fall rapidly out of date. This article reflects our perspective as of March 30, 2020. We will update it regularly as the outbreak evolves.

Supply chain risk management is back

– The world is getting riskier—and the most advanced supply-chain leaders are getting smarter about risk. Is your supply chain... risk-ready?

Resilience in transport and logistics

– The transportation-and-logistics sector is especially susceptible to economic shocks. Here’s how to prepare your operations... for a smoother ride.

The productivity imperative in insurance

– Most carriers are struggling to meet their cost of capital, and productivity has barely moved over the past decade. Taking a more... structural approach to productivity is required to make significant progress.

Building resilient operations

– In the face of rising uncertainty, get ready for the unexpected. To build resilience, accelerate productivity improvement and... operational flexibility.
Blog Post

The imperative to build resilient operations

– In uncertain times, it pays to expect the unexpected. And as multiple factors combine to create a turbulent business environment,... volatility is already upon us.

Featured Experts

Katy George
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leads the Operations Practice in North America, is a co-convener of the practice globally, and is a member of McKinsey’s the Shareholders...
Philipp Radtke
Senior Partner, Munich
Advises automotive manufacturers and suppliers, construction equipment makers, and other industrial producers as they improve...
Rafael Westinner
Partner, Madrid
Leads end-to-end operational transformations for industrial clients, working along the operational value chain to boost productivity...
Martin Linder
Partner, Munich
Leads our Capital Productivity work for the automotive sector and advises automotive OEMs and suppliers on operations and performance...
Yogesh Malik
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Advises leaders in the industrial and automotive sectors on operations strategy globally, with a focus on using data and digital...
Christophe François
Senior Partner, Paris
Brings expertise in operational excellence including supply chain management, lean transformation, and investment optimization...
Ignacio Marcos
Partner, Madrid
Focuses on client service in consumer and medical-technology companies, with an emphasis on end-to-end transformations
Kweilin Ellingrud
Senior Partner, Minneapolis
With 15 years of experience at McKinsey, serves clients on strategy and operational transformations
Bill Lacivita
Partner, Atlanta
Leads comprehensive transformation efforts across the globe—with a focus on high-hazard operations—and coleads McKinsey’s global...
Karel Eloot
Senior Partner, Shanghai
Focuses on industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation in the industrial sectors, particularly for companies in China
Joseph Tesvic
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey’s Asia-Pacific Operations Practice, working across industries and helping clients achieve results through operational,...
Takehito Sumikawa
Partner, Tokyo
Leads strategic, operational, and organizational transformations for Japanese, Asian, and global companies and institutions in...

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