Our People

Aamer Baig
Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps companies use digital technologies to drive innovation, transform customer experience, and improve productivity, while also building organizational capabilities to sustain long-term impact
Abhi Bhatnagar
Partner, Atlanta
Helps telecommunications, media, and technology organizations drive performance improvement through large-scale digital and sourcing transformations
Allen Weinberg
Senior Partner, New York
Works with consumer and corporate financial services firms on IT and operations strategy and redesign
Andrea Del Miglio
Senior Partner, Milan
Helps established organizations undergo core technology transformations to find and create new value
Angela Luget
Partner, London
Leads high impact transformations in risk and sustainability, enabled by data and analytics
Ankur Ghia
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Specializes in helping public- and private-sector organizations to use technology to transform their product and service delivery, reduce costs, and optimize the customer experience
Antonio Castro
Partner, New York
Helps financial services organizations carry out technology-driven transformations
Anusha Dhasarathy
Partner, Chicago
Brings deep expertise and a passion for helping clients transform their performance through digital and advanced analytics
Asin Tavakoli
Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps financial-services firms and telecommunications companies create new data architectures to enable advanced analytics and AI at scale to realize sustained performance improvement
Belkis Vasquez-McCall
Partner, Southern California
Leads Build by McKinsey in North America, helping organizations plan and build digital solutions to accelerate transformation and business growth
Benjamim Vieira
Partner, Madrid
Leads McKinsey Digital and our work in IT enterprise architecture in the Iberia office; helps companies in the telecommunications, financial institutions, and insurance sectors
Bhargs Srivathsan
Partner, Bay Area - Silicon Valley
Coleads the firm’s cloud operations and data center work and helps technology providers optimize their cloud infrastructure to unlock value for enterprises moving to public cloud
Brant Carson
Senior Partner, Vancouver
Helps companies transform by employing digital and analytics to modernize technology, improve cost performance, and drive lasting impact
Carlos Sánchez Altable
Partner, Madrid
Helps consumer companies build next-level competitive advantage through digital, data, and analytics-enabled new business building
Dr. Chandrasekhar Panda
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leads cross-industry client engagements across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on digital strategy, large-scale technology transformation, M&A, private-equity due diligence, and IT value assurance and modernization
Chris Smith
Partner, London
Delivers digital and agile transformation programs at scale across industries and leads our work in agile and development operations
Davide Grande
Partner, Milan
Helps large organizations – in particular in the banking and healthcare sectors – undergo data and analytics transformations, as well as finance innovation and digitization programs
Elizabeth Murthy
Partner, Atlanta
Helps build sustainable digital capabilities and talent for public- and private-sector organizations
Florian Bauer
Partner, Vienna
Helps organizations transform business operating models to win in the digital era; develops digital and analytics strategies and underlying technology platforms
Frederik Van Hecke
Partner, Amsterdam
Guides technology transformations for companies in the telecommunications and financial-services sectors, strengthening the foundation for business value
Gayatri Shenai
Partner, New York
Uses digital and analytics to help public- and private-sector institutions transform operational performance and improve competitive position
Gérard Richter
Senior Partner, Frankfurt
European Leader of McKinsey Digital Hubs and Build by McKinsey and Co-Leader of McKinsey Digital Europe
Harry Seip
Partner, Bangkok
Leads McKinsey’s digital and analytics work in Thailand and combines expertise in customer experience, core technology, and architecture to advise clients on digital transformations in the financial-services, retail, and telecommunications sectors
Heitor Martins
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Heitor leads McKinsey Digital in Latin America and works mainly for financial institutions and private equity companies
Henning Soller
Partner, Frankfurt
Serves banks across Europe and the Middle East on large-scale IT and data transformations with a focus on scaling innovation
Holger Harreis
Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps organizations implement transformation rapidly, with groundbreaking levels of adoption and impact
Hrishika Vuppala
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Brings IT-transformation expertise to help private- and public-sector agencies maximize value from technology investments to drive innovation, transform the customer experience, and improve productivity while building organizational capabilities to sustain the impact
Jan Shelly Brown
Partner, New Jersey
Helps financial institutions modernize technology to unlock significant cost savings and speed to market while enhancing risk and compliance measures
Joe Caserta
Partner, New York
Helps organizations achieve data-driven transformation and solve tough data challenges
Jorge Machado
Partner, New York
Helps clients undergo high-impact transformations by using technology and data to realize new business value
Justin Greis
Partner, Chicago
Designs, builds, and activates secure and trusted digital transformations to help organizations accelerate their mission and protect their purpose
Kate Smaje
Senior Partner, London
As the global leader of McKinsey Digital, serves consumer-facing companies on digitally enabled strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational initiatives that will enable the transformation of their businesses
Katya Défossez
Partner, Houston
Focuses on public sector IT work, particularly in IT strategy, application development, value assurance, and IT infrastructure
Kayvaun Rowshankish
Senior Partner, New York
Serves as a global coleader of our data transformation work, helping institutions and top executives transform industries and become data-driven leaders.
Kerstin Balka
Partner, Hamburg
Focuses on digitization and implementing transformational change in the public sector
Klemens Hjartar
Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Leads digital and advanced-analytics performance-based transformations, building agile capabilities at scale in large organizations in both B2C and B2B environments
Krish Krishnakanthan
Senior Partner, Stamford
Generates significant improvements in clients’ application-development efforts through use of lean and other management techniques
Lari Hämäläinen
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Leads McKinsey Digital and advanced-analytics (artificial-intelligence) work in Northeast Asia and advises companies across sectors on adapting their strategies and driving transformative change enabled by new technologies and ways of working
Lavkesh Garg
Senior Expert, Bay Area - Silicon Valley
Helps companies accelerate innovation and capture value through end-to-end, tech-enabled transformation
Leorizio D’Aversa
Senior Partner, Milan
Works with leading companies and institutions in Italy and abroad; defines state-of-the-art digital and technological transformation strategies to develop programs designed to improve operational performance
Marcus Roth
Partner, Tokyo
Deploys deep expertise in digital and analytics transformation across several sectors and is an expert in building multisector ecosystem and platform businesses
Matthias Roggendorf
Partner, Berlin
Helps companies create value from data and analytics, setting them up for sustainable competitive advantage
Merrick Olives
Partner, Atlanta
Helps clients leverage the cloud as a driver of business transformation
Michihiko Kurokawa
Partner, Tokyo
Leads company-wide transformation of manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, energy, telecommunications, finance, and government agencies, improving productivity, expanding sales, and building organizational capacity through digital transformation
Naufal Khan
Senior Partner, Chicago
Brings large-scale public sector transformation expertise to help agencies accelerate their performance journeys and deliver distinctive citizen experience through innovative approaches
Nicolas Roth
Partner, Vienna
Works with clients across industries on digital and core tech transformations; helps telecom, software, and IT-services companies modernize their strategies and operating models
Pamela Simon
Solution Associate Partner, Waltham
Advises organizations on digital and analytics transformations, focusing on capability building and talent strategy
Ranja Reda-Kouba
Associate Partner, Vienna
Works with public- and private-sector organizations to carry out tech-enabled transformations that build sustainable capabilities and create lasting value
Rich Isenberg
Partner, Atlanta
Leads enterprise-wide cybersecurity strategy and operations, with a keen focus on risk management and digital transformation
Roger Roberts
Expert Partner, Bay Area
Advises clients in a broad range of industries as they address their toughest technology challenges—and make the most of emerging opportunities
Santiago Comella-Dorda
Partner, Boston
Works with clients to define, develop, and implement digital solutions to succeed in an ever-accelerating world. Helps large organizations to become more agile, empower teams, create nimble structures and accelerate innovation.
Stefano Martinotti
Partner, Santiago
Coleads McKinsey Digital in Chile and global technology work for the oil and gas industry, with a passion for harnessing technology to transform government services and affect people’s lives positively
Steve Van Kuiken
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Uses technology solutions to help organizations transform their operational performance and respond to market disruptions
Stuart Sim
Partner, New Jersey
Advises chief technology officers on complex, data-driven digital transformations to enable AI at scale, Industry 4.0 processes, and new business building
Sven Blumberg
Senior Partner, Istanbul
Serves financial institutions across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on operations and technology, with a focus on large-scale technology transformations, digital platforms, enterprise architecture, and IT modernization
Takuya Matsumoto
Partner, Tokyo
Helps clients across industries drive digital transformations, leveraging his rich consulting experience in IT strategy from development to implementation
Thomas Delaet
Partner, Brussels
Helps enterprises on their digital transformations by making them a great place to work for engineers
Tucker Bailey
Partner, Washington DC
As a leader in cybersecurity, digital, and advanced analytics, empowers senior leaders in governments, public-sector organizations, and private institutions to create and secure value in the digital domain
Ulrike Vogelgesang
Partner, Hamburg
Drives lasting change in the insurance industry through productivity transformation and technology modernization; leads Insurance 360°—McKinsey's global insurance benchmarking capability
Venky Anant
Partner, Bay Area
Helps leading high-tech institutions solve their most challenging strategic, digital infrastructure, and security problems
William Forrest
Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps boards and C-level executives develop innovative strategies to raise top-line revenue and sustain operational improvements, with a focus on industry-shaping mergers and acquisitions