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Kayvaun Rowshankish

Senior Partner, New York
Co-founder of our work in global risk data and digitization; helps financial services firms design and execute large-scale digital risk transformations, addressing regulatory mandates while creating business value through advanced digital risk and data capabilities.

About Kayvaun

As a leader in McKinsey Digital and our Risk & Resilience Practice, Kayvaun serves all types of financial services firms including universal banks, investment banks, securities firms, regional banks, asset managers, and financial-market-infrastructure players on a broad range of digital risk, finance, data, technology, and operations-related issues.

Kayvaun, along with his digital risk and data transformation teams, has had tremendous impact helping financial services firms realize new revenue opportunities, achieve far-reaching regulatory requirements, reducing risk, and creating efficiency. He has accomplished this through large-scale transformations that establish strategies and drive execution of initiatives to both address regulatory mandates and also surpass competitors with advanced digital risk and data capabilities. Such capabilities include automation of CCAR, operations risk, compliance (for example, BSA/AML, KYC) and credit processes, designing and implementing data governance, data use cases, and data architecture at a rapid pace with groundbreaking levels of adoption and impact.

Kayvaun convenes the world’s leading forums on digital risk and data transformation, for example, two biannual roundtables on BCBS 239 including all GSIBs and most D-SIBs. He also leads much of our preeminent knowledge efforts on these topics including annual benchmarking that spans over 100 banks globally. Kayvaun speaks regularly at industry forums, publishes, and is quoted in leading journals on these topics.

Published work

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Past experience

Diamond Management & Technology Consultants
Partner, capital markets practice


Cass Business School

University of Surrey
BA, business studies