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Michihiko Kurokawa

Partner, Tokyo
Leads company-wide transformation of manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, energy, telecommunications, finance, and government agencies, improving productivity, expanding sales, and building organizational capacity through digital transformation

About Michihiko

With more than 23 years of experience in leading Japan's digital transformation and core technology expertise, Michi leads McKinsey Digital in Japan, where he has led productivity improvements, core technology modernization and data-driven management, and new business building using digital analytics technology. Michi is passionate about helping more clients in Japan with his motto "digitize Japan".

Examples of Michi’s recent client work include the following:

  • leading a consumer goods company in a multiyear digital-led corporate transformation, implementing comprehensive, enterprise-wide transformation levers that included a strong vision, a growth acceleration program, cost and operational reforms, organizational mindset changes and capability building, and the launch of a new brand using design thinking
  • driving the multiyear core technology transformation of an automotive conglomerate to accelerate next generation manufacturing and sales model, restructuring the IT operating model—including agile and DevOps for speed, vendor sourcing and increased insourcing, architectural blueprint design, and capability building—based on benchmarking with industry best practices
  • leading AI-based transformation to replace assortment in the shelf and pricing for a retail company, through identifiying consumer preferences based on big data such as consumer traffic using smartphone location information and determining the products with the highest sales potential and the competitive advantage in price; resulting in a significant increase in sales in the filed pilot and applied nationwide

Michi has made several entrepreneurial contributions to McKinsey. He has created a number of solutions and methodologies at McKinsey Digital that have won company-wide competitions twice and helped to create greater impact in client engagements.

Prior to joining the firm, Michi worked at Accenture for more than ten years in a number of large-scale systems architecture, technology modernization, and cloud migration projects; and for over four years in the outsourcing sales and solutions division. He was later promoted to senior principal.

Past experience

Senior principal


Osaka University
Engineering Science Mechanical engineering