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Asin Tavakoli

Helps financial-services firms and telecommunications companies create new data architectures to enable advanced analytics and AI at scale to realize sustained performance improvement

Asin is the leader of McKinsey’s data transformation work across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He also leads McKinsey’s banking data-management work across the region and is a core member of McKinsey Digital.

He helps financial institutions and telecommunications companies focus on data and analytics strategy and data governance, working with them to build their data architecture and technology platforms. In particular, he specializes in building data-operating models unique to each institution’s position and needs, and assures they are supported by the technology and tooling ecosystems to optimize value and achieve long-term performance growth.

Examples of Asin’s recent client work include the following:

  • designing and implementing the data-operating model and data-culture initiative of a leading telecommunications firm to integrate ongoing analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and technology initiatives
  • designing and building the data-operating model and cloud-data platform including data analytics at a major European bank and assured continued value delivery of a first set of credit use cases
  • leading an integrated data and analytics transformation at a global insurance firm focusing on AI impact in claims, while setting up the new data-operating model and underlying data platform
  • helping a European bank with the design and implementation of a large-scale data and analytics transformation with a focus on business-use cases and regulatory-use cases
  • creating a holistic information-usage transformation at a development bank from a less-effective use-case prioritization model to a data-platform design and setup
  • developing a new IT and data architecture to enable the merger of two banks in less than a year

In addition to his client work, Asin is an organizer and host of McKinsey's European data summit and banking data and technology roundtables.


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University of Cologne
PhD, information systems and strategic management

University of Melbourne and University of Sydney
Research in data management and strategic management

University of Münster
BS, MS, information systems and process management