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Digital acceleration

Companies that are competing successfully escape pilot purgatory by harnessing technology and data at scale. Digital transformation isn’t a one-off project; it is an ongoing business imperative.

Enduring transformation sustained through capabilities

True transformation—the kind that alters the way a business operates on a cellular level—is what’s needed to thrive in the months and years ahead. It requires a meaningful and sustainable step change in capabilities, culture, and performance.

Innovating to net zero

The next decade is decisive to both decarbonize and prepare for unavoidable climate risks. Businesses, investors, and governments have an opportunity to lead a wave of innovation and economic growth that safeguards our planet and advances sustainability.

Rewiring organizations for future competitiveness

Continuing to refine an outdated management system based on old rules will no longer work. Organizing for the future means reinventing the organization by embracing nine imperatives that collectively explain “who we are” in the form of a compelling identity, “how we operate” by prioritizing speed, and “how we grow” through building for scale.

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Featured Capabilities

Capability Centers

Our Capability Centers can help your company advance to the forefront of operational excellence.


Our solutions combine advanced technology, proprietary data, and deep subject-matter expertise to deliver impact to our clients quicker than ever—and sustain it for the long term.

McKinsey Academy

McKinsey Academy helps organizations equip their people with the needed skills to achieve and sustain transformational impact.

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