Asset-based consulting helps us deliver insight and impact quicker than ever. Our solutions leverage advanced technology, proprietary data, and deep expertise to help clients in new and exciting ways:


identify improvement opportunities by benchmarking against peers and best practice

Market Intelligence

provides insight into supply/demand trends and profit pools

Management Technology

transforms the way critical business processes are measured and managed


improve business outcomes by leveraging big data for better decisions

Solutions by industry

Aerospace & Defense


Helps leaders in the commercial defense sector make fast, informed strategic decisions using the world’s most comprehensive U.S. Department of Defense database


Helps food companies, governments, investors, and agriculture players make better pricing, crop selection, and sales and marketing decisions
Electric Power & Natural Gas

Power Solutions

Improve network reliability and reduce costs with predictive asset maintenance
Financial Services


Improves a bank's operational performance and financial metrics by benchmarking process efficiency, sales performance, and high-level strategy
Financial Services

GCI Analytics

Helps transform portfolio strategies and uncover revenue opportunities across the entire customer lifecycle
Financial Services


Helps insurers drive improvements across the value chain by building advanced analytics capabilities into their front-line business operations
Financial Services


Helps organizations define their strategy by identifying opportunities, improving financial planning, and benchmarking performances
Financial Services

Performance Lens

Provides fact-based, actionable insights to improve asset managers’ business performance
Financial Services


Data-driven insights for wealth management advisors and executives
Metals & Mining


Provides mine operators strategic business intelligence needed to identify, quantify, and prioritize value creation opportunities
Metals & Mining


Helps managers and investors make strategic, operational, and financial mining decisions by providing them with the most reliable cost curves and supply, and demand models in the world
Oil & Gas

Energy Insights

Helps energy companies manage uncertainty and improve performance through analysis, insights, and benchmarking


Uses predictive geospatial analytics to determine the full market potential of a retailer’s store footprint and maximize performance across channels

Solutions by Business Function

Marketing & Sales

Journey Analytics

Provides an integrated view of the customer journey across channels and touchpoints, identifying those that are most and least effective in order to build strategies around what is working
Marketing & Sales


Improves return on sales through better pricing, promotions, assortment, and performance management


Uses behavioral data analytics to match call-center agents and callers


Reduce product cost through Cleansheet analysis


Applies data and rigor to the most important organizational decisions.


Tracks initiatives, milestones, and impact in transformations through a program management platform.
Strategy & Corporate Finance

Corporate Performance Analytics

Provides fast, sophisticated financial insights through automated benchmarking reports

Digital 20/20

Today’s leading organizations leverage digital to stay competitive and grow their business


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