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Optimizing steel-making productivity

Historically, average steel industry EBITDA margins have barely exceeded eight to ten percent, which is far from the minimum margin of 15 to 17 percent necessary for long-term sustainability. Steel producers are especially cost sensitive and constantly looking for ways to optimize asset cost and performance through operational excellence. Despite considerable success, however, price and margin pressures are relentless, keeping competitive cost position a top-of-mind goal.

SteelLens supports steel operations diagnostics and holistic performance transformations. It links operational metrics such as blast-furnace fuel rates, product yields, and labor productivity to the insights CEOs need, such as EBITDA and cost-curve impact. We combine global technical industry benchmarks, operational impact cases developed in collaboration with steel producers, and deep steel industry expertise to help steel producers optimize cost and performance.

How we help clients

Steel benchmarking database

Our technical benchmarking database contains more than 300 steel production and processing operations across all major steel-producing geographies. It allows steel-making companies to compare their operating, labor, and cost performance with that of global peers.

Operational and advanced data analytics

We offer an extensive library of use cases that help steel producers pinpoint operational improvement levers, identify specific actions to close performance gaps, and understand how analytics and digitization can help sustainably improve operational profitability.

Expert site evaluation

Beyond proprietary tools, our SteelLens practitioners bring deep expertise and in-depth knowledge of steel making, the industry, and global markets. They work hand-in-hand with steel producers to deliver and interpret benchmarks and provide tailored analyses.


average cost-reduction opportunities identified


operations in the SteelLens database


use cases on operational impact from steelmakers around the world

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