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Location intelligence for retailers

The omnichannel revolution in retail has made store location decisions far more difficult. Rather than looking at individual store performance, retailers must evaluate how their brick-and-mortar locations affect online behavior and vice versa.
OMNI helps retailers identify opportunities to drive overall performance, both on- and offline. We bring together McKinsey's geospatial analytics expertise and a proprietary technology platform to enable decision-making based on hard data and real consumer behavior.

Our capabilities

Consumer insights

Where are customers shopping, and how is that impacting store performance?

We use mobile phone and online purchase data to understand real-world consumer behavior for any store or network. Retailers can understand behavior, demographics, and trends.

Performance analysis

Which levers drive location performance? Are locations achieving their potential?

We mine granular demographic, spatial, and competitive variables to quantify sales drivers per location and format. Discover under- and high-performing locations today.

Footprint growth diagnostic

How does the retail landscape look today? How much store growth is feasible?

We profile location footprints to determine the opportunity for store growth per market – including both planned sites and longer-term whitespace opportunities.

Network optimization

What is the optimal store footprint? Where are there consolidation opportunities?

We assess and quantify expected success of future locations to prioritize investments in and identify consolidation opportunities between current locations.

Our offerings

OMNI Spotlight

Rapidly diagnose network health and uncover expansion or consolidation opportunities.

OMNI Workstation

Test network scenarios and explore financial implications using proprietary machine learning models tailored to your business.

OMNI by the numbers


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Unrivaled data and analytics

OMNI’s proprietary analytics combine the most reliable global spatial data with the experience of geospatial experts around the world – to isolate and uncover the hidden drivers of store performance.

Clear reporting and actionable recommendations

Clear, concise executive-level reports inform which improvement initiatives to prioritize and how to optimize the network. OMNI generates specific market-level plans unique to each store with ongoing feedback between store management, the sales force, and the executive team.

Sustainable and repeatable decision support

OMNI delivers continuous value even beyond initial deployment. Combining change management experience and capability building expertise, our experts work with managers and their teams to deliver the tools and skills necessary to adjust to future market forces

Our Impact

2 – 4% increased sales opportunity for an outdoor retail brand

by designing a smart retail footprint which helped achieve maximum omnichannel sales.

20% increased EBITDA opportunity for an international apparel retailer

by optimizing the omnichannel value of their locations.

$400M+ new revenue identified for a category retailer

in a planned new market store and distribution facility location strategy.

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