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A comprehensive diagnostic measuring agile maturity and performance outcomes

  • Question bank of more than 200 questions includes modules on team-level agility, DevSecOps, products, and more
  • Complemented with interviews and walkthroughs to calibrate survey responses and better understand key drivers
  • Typical respondents include team members, leadership, and center of excellence members
  • Benchmark against over 6,000 team-level responses across industries, geographies, and sectors

Analytics Quotient

Comprehensive measures of the management practices critical to capturing value from analytics at scale

  • Used by over 500 companies and more than 10,000 individual respondents with peer and leader benchmarks across 18 sectors
  • Use-case library of more than 1,000 high-value analytics use cases across domains
  • Provides actionable insights and prioritized recommendations to close gaps and accelerate progress

Digital Quotient

An objective and comprehensive measure of digital maturity that correlates with financial performance

  • Over 550 organizations and more than 20,000 respondents across 18 sectors
  • Actionable insights and prioritized recommendations
  • Over 1000 high-value use cases

Tech Talent Diagnostic

A practical, fact-based assessment of one of your greatest assets: your digital talent

  • 30 roles, over 250 technology skills, and three levels
  • Self-assessment engine scales to thousands of full-time employees and contractors


Financial and operational baseline, benchmarks, and insights to measure IT efficiency and productivity across all industries

  • More than 700 client engagements since 2015
  • Over 300 key performance indicators covering applications, architecture, infrastructure, IT strategy operations, and management

Technology Quotient

A forward-looking measure to identify where to transform your technology organization

  • Over 3,000 respondents across ten industries
  • Self-assess against leading practices of peers and digital natives
  • Run at organization, business unit, or team level

Featured insights


The impact of agility: How to shape your organization to compete

– Insights from over 2,000 global respondents reveal the recipe for an agile transformation that delivers real business impact.

The journey to an agile organization

– You know what an agile organization is, and why it’s important. But figuring out how to pull off an agile transformation... is another question.

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