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R&D Advanced Hardware Benchmarking

Boost your competitive advantage, generate new insights, and identify efficiencies with R&D project benchmarking

Disruptive technologies—like electromobility, cleantech, decarbonization efforts, and digitalization—require significant R&D investments. This increases the imperative for leaders in research and development to find ways of improving the efficiency of their financial decision-making.

However, many corporate leaders struggle with limited data transparency when setting spending targets and steering their development projects. In response, we developed R&D Advanced Hardware Benchmarking. This unique solution uses parametric tools, machine learning-based algorithms, and a broad database to help companies set best-in-class R&D spending targets for hardware components, optimize expenditures, and identify levers to improve development efficiency and ensure faster product delivery.


increase in level of reuse of previous development efforts


complexity drivers identified for development expenditures


potential to lower development costs via systematic benchmarking

Why use R&D Advanced Hardware Benchmarking

With business leaders investing up to 19 percent of their revenue in research and development, and an intensifying trend toward innovation, organizations need to have a clear and thoughtful benchmarking capability for fact-based decision-making in R&D. Our benchmark tool provides four benefits to deliver savings and create lasting impact:

1. Handle complexity

Identify the cost drivers of your research and Development projects and achieve holistic transparency

2. Set financial targets

Quantify how much the development effort should rely on your R&D activities and plan your savings initiatives

3. Be competitive

Compare your development efforts against industry benchmarks and best practices

4. Identify optimization opportunities

Understand the sensitivity of cost drivers and the effectiveness of potential changes

Key Features of the Benchmark Tool

  • Project cost benchmarking—Identify and quantify cost drivers and development opportunities based on our standard and proven benchmarking approach
  • Intuitive user interface—Boost user adoption by creating a user-friendly environment that enables fast capability building
  • Parameter-based tool—Apply benchmarks to a specific project by adapting a standard set of input parameters
  • Best-of-benchmarks—Calculate expenses based on a broad database of products and components allowing for comparison with peers
  • Sensitivity analyses—Understand the sensitivity and potential impact of changes to design or project premises
  • Improvement levers—Get clear guidance on how to optimize R&D spending toward an industry best-in-class level

Examples of our work

Our Impact

Automotive suppliers and manufacturers use the R&D Hardware Benchmarking solution to measure the scale of development projects and create insights on potential savings opportunities to boost competitive advantage.

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