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R&D Advanced Hardware Benchmarking delivers best-in-class R&D project benchmarking to boost your competitive advantage, generate new insights, and identify efficiencies with R&D project benchmarking.
Leading OEM

Identification of significant R&D cost optimization and capability building

A leading European OEM aimed to significantly reduce its R&D spending on hardware modules to free up resources for investments into electric vehicles and advanced software. Together with the client, we developed a holistic benchmarking approach based on external best-practice examples and coached over 20 teams on how to apply it. We identified a saving potential of 7–30 percent and relevant levers for 55 modules from seats, chassis, and braking systems to high-voltage batteries.
US tier-1 supplier

Optimizing development cost of electric drives for US tier-1 supplier by 25%

A US-based tier-1 supplier wanted to develop the next-generation platform for electric drives in an efficient manner, scaling from mid-size vehicles to large pickup trucks. Our benchmarking program unveiled a cost optimization potential of up to 25 percent and identified major optimization measures in prototyping and the R&D footprint.
European OEM

18% average cost optimization opportunity across 18 subsystems

A leading European OEM wanted to optimize its development costs. We set up a cost planning tool for 18 vehicle subsystems, such as axle and cockpit, based on complexity drivers and industry benchmarks, covering 70 percent of the vehicle R&D spend. On average, we identified an 18 percent savings opportunity compared with prior projects and increased the visibility and transparency of should targets.
European tier-1 supplier

Identifying up to 30% savings potential for electric drive systems

A Europe-based tier-1 supplier of electric mobility systems wanted to systematically benchmark their electric drive systems. Based on scenario analysis and dedicated interviews, we supported the client to understand their R&D complexity drivers and build up a tailored tool. Detailed benchmarking identified several optimization levers, such as the level of reuse or platforming, modular kits, design complexity, and more. Overall, our benchmarking program helped the client detect a savings potential of up to 30 percent.

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