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Data-driven decision making across the agriculture and food value chains

ACRE is McKinsey’s agricultural advanced-analytics center, with a team of agronomists, data scientists, industry experts, and software engineers experienced in applying analytics to challenges across the food system.

How we help clients

Agricultural Input Manufacturers & Distributors

Identify where and how to expand by reaching grower markets with new products and services.

Commodity Buyers & Traders

Evaluate risk-management and procurement processes to minimize both risk and cost.

Governments & Nongovernmental Organizations

Make smarter decisions in value-chain selection by using cutting-edge digital tools in the agriculture, livestock, and fishery markets.


Stay ahead of the curve by identifying growth hot spots in the agriculture and food markets.

Farm Operators

Improve farm operations by deploying best-in-class digital technology and agricultural analytics.

Fishery Operators

Improve the profitability and sustainability of fishery operations by using advanced geospatial analytics.

Our Approach

Custom analysis

We leverage our vast data repository and market expertise to solve your toughest problems, working side by side with your teams to customize a solution for you.

Digital-capability building

Our goal is to build your capabilities. This often means building custom tools in your systems and training your analytical teams to ensure that impact is sustainable over time.

Our capabilities

Predictive analytics

We use modern machine-learning and artificial-intelligence methods to forecast movements in commodity yield, quality, and price.

Geospatial analytics

We combine multiple layers of agronomic, weather, and satellite data to identify opportunities at the micromarket level.

Cloud infrastructure

We collect millions of datapoints with an automated ingestion and processing engine to enable faster insight generation.

Digital deployment

We build custom applications that integrate with existing systems to enable sustainable, real-time decision making.

Our Data

Economic and trade

Real-time, global commodity prices, production costs, and other indicators; import and export flows—today and in the future.

Climate and weather

More than 117 high-resolution variables, including real-time weather and 2030 and 2050 climate scenarios.


Global satellite-imagery coverage from multiple sources.


Global agronomic data, including yield, soil, and topography data.

Examples of our work

Our work spans 6 continents

We continue to expand our global reach, helping clients across the agriculture and food value chains.

$125 million in additional revenue identified

Supported an agricultural-input supplier looking to increase penetration into smallholder markets in India.

More than 95 percent accuracy in a crop-yield forecast

Helped a North American food company trying to make better ingredient-purchasing decisions.

40,000 highly suitable hectares identified

Used geospatial analytics to determine crop fit for a large-scale plantation owner in the Middle East.

Featured Insights

Amid volatile commodity prices, beware of cognitive bias

– Advanced analytics can help overcome cognitive biases that can lead managers to make irrational risk-management decisions.

Precision fisheries: Navigating a sea of troubles with advanced analytics

– Advanced analytics may help struggling fisheries thrive while simultaneously protecting endangered ocean resources.

An incredible year for Impossible Foods

– CFO David Lee believes the company’s continued success will depend heavily on its ability to create many more “craveable” products and to maintain its corporate culture.

Alternative proteins: The race for market share is on

– Consumer interest in non-meat-based protein options is increasing globally. Food industry players that want to capture the opportunity must understand the evolving market dynamics and where to place their bets.

A winning growth formula for dairy

– Modest growth forecasts, shifting consumer tastes, and increased competition will force executives to seek new opportunities.

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