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Farm Operators

Informing and optimizing farm operations

ACRE offers layers of insights to help farm operators manage their operations more effectively. We pair this knowledge with analytics—including on crop identification and yield optimization—and with the expertise to implement end-to-end operational improvements, from the field to processing to logistics.

What we do

Crop selection

We define the most suitable and attractive crop to grow based on soil and climate profile, with long-run revenue projections.

Harvest optimization

We predict yield and production to optimize harvest and post harvest logistics and identify production-management approaches that will maximize yield and minimize costs.

Technology implementation

We assemble the right suite of precision-agriculture tools—including data management, drone and imagery use, and the Internet of Things—to improve yield and your bottom line.

Examples of our work

95 percent accuracy in a crop-yield forecast

Used weather and satellite imagery to help an integrated North American food company make better planning decisions.

$5.5 million in incremental profit identified

Optimized logistics network by integrating field-level yield forecasts into truck routing plans for a large European sugar producer.

Predicted crop yields up to 12 months in advance

Used more than 12,000 variables to predict field-level oil-palm yield up to 12 months in advance for a large plantation operator in Asia.

Featured Insights


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– An estimated 3.1 million to 3.8 million acres of corn and soybeans have been damaged.

Needle in a haystack: Patents that inspire agricultural innovation

– An enhanced patent-review strategy could boost innovation capabilities for agricultural-input companies.

Unlocking the online retail opportunity with European farmers

– What can digital retailers in the agriculture sector do to encourage what could be a €10 billion market?

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