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Food & Ingredient Manufacturers

Reduce commodity unit cost and volatility

ACRE helps food and ingredient manufacturers reduce unit cost and volatility of commodity categories with bespoke analytics for procurement teams to optimize when and how far forward to fix commodity prices.

What we do

Opportunity identification

We rapidly identify opportunities to increase earnings potential and reduce downside risk by back testing various static and dynamic risk-management strategies against historical results.

Performance management

We help organizations separate financial impacts from market-price movements, decision-support tools, and management decisions.

Capability building

We train talent experientially by cobuilding tools alongside teams to instill long-lasting capabilities and ensure new decision-making models are embraced by organizations.

Examples of our work

5 percent savings on milling wheat identified for a global quick service restaurant franchise

Rapid diagnostic identified unit cost and volatility reduction potential by back testing multiple static and dynamic hedging strategies.

7 to 8 percent savings on beef spend identified for a consumer packaged goods company

Developed a purchase and cold storage linear optimization tool to minimize beef spend given storage and capital costs, as well as shelf-life standards.

2 to 9 percent savings on soybean oil for a spreads and sauces manufacturer

Identified supplier management and commodity price risk management opportunities to reduce futures and basis unit cost of soybean oil.

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