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Agricultural Input Manufacturers & Distributors

Identifying growth opportunities in agricultural markets

ACRE uses local agronomic data and satellite imagery to determine the market potential for new and existing input products. This deep, local understanding allows commercial and marketing teams to identify opportunities for growth, match offerings to grower needs, and adjust to changing conditions.

What we do

Footprint strategy

We define local markets on which to focus by determining market size and share, gaps in the market, growth hot spots, and locations for greatest product fit.

Resource planning

We identify potential channel partners, realign sales territories, and position assets to align best with the market and competition.

Sales optimization

We identify ways to increase sales through cross-selling and customer-churn reduction, with in-season adjustments of marketing, sales targets, and inventory levels.

Examples of our work

$500 million in growth-headroom opportunity identified

Determined underperforming counties with a high potential for market-share growth for a US crop-protection producer.

120 percent increase in sales opportunities

Helped an agricultural-input provider define its go-to-market strategy for seed and crop protection in Canada by focusing on areas with high product fit.

$80 million in untapped revenue potential identified

Helped a seed producer in the India market by focusing sales efforts on the smallholder-farmer segment in specific districts.

30 percent increase in return on investment

Created a new marketing-and-distribution plan based on product fit of specialty products for a European input provider.

Featured Insights


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