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Fishery Operators

Identifying fishing hot spots throughout the season

ACRE helps commercial fishery businesses improve the profitability and sustainability of their operations. By using advanced geospatial analytics applied to historical capture records, environmental data, and fishing vessels’ behavior, we help commercial fisheries identify attractive fishing areas throughout the season and optimize fuel consumption while decreasing bycatch.

What we do

Fishing efficiency diagnostics

We benchmark the standardized catching rate of each of your vessels against the rest of your fleet or against competitive vessels to identify improvement opportunities.

Fishing strategy

We use geospatial fish-optimization models to help you intelligently allocate your vessels to the fishing hot spots in your territory.

In-season adjustments

We support in-season adjustments of your fishing strategy through forecasts of fish-abundant hotspots, with visualization on a customizable digital platform.

Examples of our work

$11 million in margin identified

Helped a midsize commercial fishery optimize catch and reduce fuel consumption.

31,000-tons reduction of CO2-equivalent emissions identified

Supported a European commercial fishery to improve use of fuel and fleet time.

$5.5 million in potential savings identified

Deployed vessels to areas of fish abundance, allowing quicker achievement of catch quota and reduced time at sea for a commercial fishery.

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