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Governments & Nongovernmental Organizations

Spurring agriculture-value-chain growth with digital and advanced analytics

ACRE helps governments, state agencies, donors, and nongovernmental organizations prioritize value-chain investments and understand market volatility by using digital and analytic tools. We employ real-time data on crop and livestock production, soil conditions, climate, and weather to enable transparent, data-driven decision making for those trying to improve the system.

What we do

Investment strategy

We identify the most attractive value chains for sustainable competition, leading to improvement in economic, productivity, and nutrition indicators.

Digital food balance sheets

We combat food shortages through use of digital food-balance-sheet technology, which combines food consumption, trade flows, local reserves, and yield forecasts in one place.

Land use optimization

We determine the right mix of crops, forest,and livestock to maximize value for a given area through use of satellite imagery, weather data, and deep agronomic knowledge.

Examples of our work

$5 billion aquaculture-development opportunity identified

Helped African country looking to replace imports and increase presence in global export market quantify aquaculture-development opportunity.

360,000 tons of maize managed in real-time

Implemented a digital solution to help an African country track strategic food reserves.

50 percent increase in smallholder-income identified

Designed an investment plan for three competitive value chains for an African country.

Featured Insights


Amid volatile commodity prices, beware of cognitive bias

– Advanced analytics can help overcome cognitive biases that can lead managers to make irrational risk-management decisions.

Precision fisheries: Navigating a sea of troubles with advanced analytics

– Advanced analytics may help struggling fisheries thrive while simultaneously protecting endangered ocean resources.

Alternative proteins: The race for market share is on

– Consumer interest in non-meat-based protein options is increasing globally. Food industry players that want to capture the opportunity must understand the evolving market dynamics and where to place their bets.

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