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Reduce product and service cost through Cleansheet analysis

Cleansheet analyzes a product’s cost structure to help manufacturers optimize design and capture savings.
In order to identify cost-reduction opportunities, manufacturers need to understand the drivers of each product’s manufacturing and delivery costs. Cleansheet solves this problem by providing a database of input costs, analytical tools that identify cost-savings initiatives, and expert analysis of competitors. By examining every aspect of the production process, Cleansheet uncovers exactly which procurement or design changes will produce the greatest savings.

Key features

Curated cost databases

Access real-time cost calculations with thousands of dynamic data points for materials, labor, and production costs

Calculation engine

Calculate should-cost for all products—from simple items to complex assemblies and/or services

Cost-model library

Build cost models faster by leveraging our extensive database of cost-model templates across a range of spend categories

Advanced-costing tools

Determine costs associated with manufacturing, processes, labor, and overhead using our proprietary algorithms

Collaborative platform

Integrate results across the organization with a consistent source for all cost-related topics

Intuitive user interface

Minimize learning curve with a user-friendly environment

Advanced-modeling capabilities

Resource Cleansheet

Bring environmental and economic transparency to product development and procurement by integrating CO2 optimization with cost and product design.

Parametric modeling

Powerful costing capability that calculates should-cost for thousands of products or services based on common parameters

By the numbers


lower costs in new-product development


clients served


increase in profit margins on average

Why Cleansheet?

Transparent cost structure

Cleansheet’s “value stream” approach to data provides a clear way to evaluate product and delivery costs. We provide analyses that help users identify cost-reduction opportunities. By highlighting detailed gaps between ideal costs and reality, companies can capture cost savings.

Robust cost database

Our database uses thousands of data points to help organizations accurately benchmark their costs against peers and find cost-effective alternatives. Our continuously updated database of material, equipment, and labor costs allows organizations to review product costs and recalculate targets at any time.

Agile cost modeling

Our built-in costing language enables users to build agile cost models for a wide range of products and services, from manufactured goods to services and indirect spend. We provide a comprehensive library of models to give users a head start with their cost-modeling efforts.

Our impact

$2 billion+ run-rate savings for a North American TMT

12% cost reduction in six months for a European heavy equipment manufacturer

$100M in run-rate savings for a large US retailer


Introduction to Cleansheet

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