Our People

Practice Leaders

Oliver Engert

Senior Partner, Miami
Advises executives across industries on mergers and acquisitions—including mergers, integrations, alliances, and divestitures—bringing particular...

Andy West

Senior Partner, Boston
Brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver growth through effective integration and new structures and governance...

Our People

Ankur Agrawal

Partner, New York
Focuses on counseling healthcare systems and pharmaceutical and medical-device companies on strategy and corporate-finance issues

Fabian Billing

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Guides companies through performance transformations, enterprise agility programs, and merger integrations, leading to sustainable operational...

Michael Birshan

Senior Partner, London
Leads our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, partnering with bold and determined leaders to set...

Kenneth Bonheure

Senior Partner, Singapore
Advises leaders across industries on mergers and other organization-shaping transactions, and leads strategy development and large-scale transformations...

Laura Bremme

Senior Partner, Zurich
Supports the leaders of pharmaceutical, generics, medical-device, and animal-health companies as they set strategy, boost commercial excellence,...

Bruce Delteil

Partner and Managing Partner, Vietnam, Hanoi
Leads our Vietnam offices and works at the intersection of digital, strategy, and implementation

Ajay Dhankhar

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Serves as a global leader of McKinsey’s work in M&A, strategy, finance, and risk for the Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice; spurs leading...

Rebecca Doherty

Partner, San Francisco
Counsels executives on strategies for growth, working with companies to implement growth transformations and M&A

Oliver Engert

Senior Partner, Miami
Advises executives across industries on mergers and acquisitions—including mergers, integrations, alliances, and divestitures—bringing particular...

Philipp Espel

Senior Partner, Hamburg
Leads our M&A work in Europe

Nelson Ferreira

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Advises agriculture and mining companies in Brazil and Latin America, helping executives set strategy, manage supply chains, and drive operational...

Max Flötotto

Senior Partner, Munich
Serves leading financial institutions on strategy and M&A throughout the deal cycle, from due diligence to integration; works intensively with...

Carsten Hirschberg

Senior Partner, Berlin
Leader in the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, partnering with leaders to set strategy, transform...

Benjamin Houssard

Partner, Paris
Benjamin Houssard serves clients in the industrial sector and especially in Aerospace & Defense and Metals & Mining. He specializes in issues...

Marcus Jacob

Partner, Berlin
Advises retail and consumer-packaged-goods companies across Europe on a variety of strategy and corporate finance initiatives, including strategy...

Ian Jefferson

Senior Partner, Washington DC
Serves healthcare clients across the value chain and helps complex organizations undergo postmerger integrations, culture-change programs, and...

Rebecca Kaetzler

Partner, Frankfurt
Brings deep expertise in merger management and performance transformation to help executives manage culture, change, and organizational design...

Kjartan Kalstad

Partner, Oslo
Trusted by leaders in telecom, media, technology, and other consumer-facing industries for his expertise in business building, shift to digital,...

Tomáš Karakolev

Senior Expert, Prague
Helps clients plan and execute M&A transactions, integrate targets, and build new, innovative companies and business models

Eileen Kelly Rinaudo

Senior Knowledge Expert , New York
Serves clients across industry sectors, helping them assess, plan, and execute strategic transactions

Jan Krause

Partner, Cologne
Serves multinational corporations and investors extensively in the field of corporate strategy and related corporate-finance topics across industries

Nick Leung

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Chairman of McKinsey’s Greater China region advising global and Chinese companies across a range of industries.

Alex Liu

Partner, Minneapolis
Works closely with senior leadership teams on large-scale mergers and brings expertise in realizing revenue-based synergies

Tobias Lundberg

Partner, Stockholm
Advises technology specialists, financial institutions, investors, and corporates on strategy, M&A, and value creation

Chris Mulligan

Partner, New York
Coleads S&CF Insights, McKinsey’s center of competence for financial- and capital-market analysis, and leads two digital capabilities, MineSpans...

Vish Narayanan

Partner, New York
Advises executives in the high-tech industry and private equity sponsors on investment strategy; including support on M&A, portfolio strategy,...

Sean O'Connell

Partner, New York
Supports clients globally in corporate strategy, portfolio strategy, corporate finance, and M&A topics through his expertise in financial services...

Nora Ottink

Partner, Amsterdam
Supports consumer packaged goods, apparel, and retail companies as they achieve growth through M&A, strategy, and commercial and organizational...

Werner Rehm

Partner, New Jersey
Works at the intersection of strategy and finance with high tech, industrial, and pharmaceutical clients to identify and prioritize corporate...

Stefan Rickert

Partner, Hamburg
Coleads our consumer M&A work globally, serving clients across a wide array of consumer industries and previously coled our global pricing work...

Jeff Rudnicki

Partner, Boston
Leads the M&A practice and heads global M&A strategy work, using experience in directing multiple client engagements around the world, including...

François Soubien

Partner, Paris
François Soubien works in the manufacturing and packaged-goods sectors, advising clients on the development and implementation of supply-chain...

Gisa Springer

Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in strategy, corporate finance, corporate ventures, growth equity, and start-up ecosystems, with a focus on helping both...

Rodrigo Slelatt

Partner, Miami
Advises clients across a wide array of industries in their most complex and transformational M&A transactions; and coleads our Consumer M&A work...

Jannick Thomsen

Partner, New York
Helps technology companies develop value-based plans for pursing M&A and other transactions—supporting growth and competitiveness

Madeleine Tjon Pian Gi

Partner, Amsterdam
Helps consumer-facing businesses and private equity investors pursue strategic growth opportunities and accelerate value creation through performance...

Robert Uhlaner

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Coleads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice globally and helps clients in major organizations with large-scale corporate-finance and M&A...

Mieke Van Oostende

Senior Partner, Brussels
Serves clients in the financial-services sector, particularly on strategy, organization, and risk management, with a global reputation in the...

Ulrich Weihe

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Provides guidance on Strategy, M&A, Restructuring and Transformation, R&D and Merger Management for chemical, biotech and process industries...

Andy West

Senior Partner, Boston
Brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver growth through effective integration and new structures and governance...

Liz Wol

Partner, New Jersey
Coleads McKinsey's capability building work in M&A globally and specializes in advising healthcare clients on enterprise strategy and M&A