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Ingo Aghte
Partner, London
Specialises in operations transformations in process industries and utilities
Sid Azad
Partner, London
Advises banks, asset managers, and life insurers across Europe on retail banking, private banking, and wealth management, particularly...
Dr. Björn Albrecht
Partner, London
Heads the McKinsey Cancer Center and leads our work on cancer globally, working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, health...
Tera Allas, CBE
Director of Research and Economics, London
Leads economic and business research on growth, productivity, innovation, technology adoption, and outcome measurement
Anita Balchandani
Partner, London
Leads our apparel, fashion, and luxury work, with deep expertise in multichannel and digital transformation
Keith Beattie
Partner, London
Leads banking within the RTS Practice, specialising in major turnarounds and transformations, taking both advisory and interim...
Alex Beauvais
Partner, London
Leads our healthcare analytics group that is central to our healthcare consulting work, and helps clients develop their own healthcare...
Michael Birshan
Senior Partner, London
Leads our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, partnering with bold and determined...
Laura Blumenfeld
Partner, London
Advises on organizational, talent, and commercial issues, including transactions, merger management, carve-outs, new business...
Harry Bowcott
Senior Partner, London
Directs our data and analytics work for the Travel, Transport & Logistics practice on a global basis, enhancing our ability to...
Giorgio Bresciani
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s Oil & Gas Practice globally, serving clients to improve their performance.
Marcel Brinkman
Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in energy, private equity and sustainability to his work with energy companies, oilfield services companies,...
Kapil Chandra
Senior Partner, London
Provides leading clients in the banking and insurance sectors with deep expertise in large-scale financial and strategic transformations
James Chavin
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s transformation work in Europe, serving as a restructuring and transformation advisor for a range of national...
Daniele Chiarella
Senior Partner, London
Helps the investment banking and securities divisions of leading European and global banks with regional and global growth strategies...
David Chinn
Senior Partner, London
Brings expertise in supply chain and operational transformations to defence organisations and armed forces worldwide
Neil Christie
Partner, London
Leads our RTS Practice and operational-transformation and financial-restructuring programmes in energy and materials across Europe,...
Biljana Cvetanovski
Partner, London
Advises consumer-facing clients on marketing strategy and growth with deep expertise in how to deliver sustainable growth through...
Peter Dahlstrom
Senior Partner, London
Globally leads McKinsey's Client and Firm Communications, and is a leader of McKinsey Digital for B2C sectors, serving leading...
Penny Dash
Senior Partner, London
Works with senior management, chief executives, and leading clinicians to help redesign healthcare systems for improved clinical...
Martin Dewhurst
Senior Partner, London
Brings over 25 years of experience helping pharmaceutical, medtech, and consumer companies to develop growth strategies and drive...
Alex Dichter
Senior Partner, London
Helps airlines, airline-services companies, and aerospace firms develop profitable strategies and improve global operations
Jonathan Dimson
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey's Public Sector Practice in the United Kingdom and works with public organizations to restructure, improve performance,...
John Dowdy
Senior Partner, London
Helps aerospace and defence organisations improve operations and identify growth opportunities, and works with defence forces...
Liz Ericson
Partner, London
Serves consumer-facing organisations on digital projects, including omnichannel strategy, organisation, marketing, and product...
Pavlos Exarchos
Senior Partner, London
Leads our work with retail and consumer goods companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, helping clients build world-class...
Masha Feigelman
Partner, London
Leads our healthcare and RTS joint venture, focusing on broad-based operational transformation, restructuring, and reconfiguration...
David Fine
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s global Public and Social Sector Practices, with deep commitment to strengthening public services and expanding...
Emma Gibbs
Partner, London
Advises public- and private-sector clients on strategy, with focus on the interface of the two sectors
Andrew Goodman
Partner, London
Serves companies, governments and private equity firms. He works with clients in sectors that are being disrupted to deliver strategic...
Pat Graham
Partner, London
Advises international and national oil companies, oilfield services and equipment companies, and private-equity firms, with a...
Antonio Grimaldi
Partner, London
Advises leading financial services institutions on challenges in strategy, operations, performance, and process design
Wolfgang Guenthner
Partner, Berlin
Leads McKinsey’s European design-to-value labs and the Centre for Cost Engineering, serving clients in Advanced Industries and...
Wim Gysegom
Partner, London
Works with clients globally to bring about large-scale manufacturing transformations, with a focus on managing change
Stephen Hall
Senior Partner, London
Brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy and mining sectors to his work counselling clients on strategy and performance...
Christopher Handscomb
Partner, London
Leads our work globally on organisation for players in the energy industry, and supports companies across sectors on enterprise-wide...
Philipp Härle
Senior Partner, Munich
Trusted by banks, exchanges, and governments worldwide for his deep expertise in bank strategy, regulatory affairs, risk management,...
Wesley Hayes
Partner, London
Advises on private equity and principal investor projects across the investment cycle in Europe, North America, and Africa, with...
Nicolaus Henke
Senior Partner, London
Helps clients use artificial intelligence responsibly to enhance performance
Ganaka Herath
Managing Partner, Colombo
Leads McKinsey’s client service work in Sri Lanka, with a focus on digital and analytics transformations, and coleads McKinsey’s...
Louise Herring
Partner, London
Guides digital and analytics transformations for retail and consumer-facing clients in the United Kingdom and Europe
Sarah Holcomb
Associate Partner, London
Brings data-driven commercial and strategic insights to companies across the media and telecommunications sectors
Richard Hudson
Senior Partner, London
Brings over 17 years of experience in board, operational, restructuring, and advisory roles
Vivian Hunt DBE
Managing Partner, UK and Ireland, London
Leads our offices in the United Kingdom and Ireland; advises leading companies on a broad range of strategic topics, with a particular...
Barbara Jeffery
Partner, London
Coleads the Organization Practice in the UK and focuses on delivering transformative organization journeys to change organizations...
Matt Jochim
Partner, London
Serves consumer-packaged-goods and retail clients on issues, such as the optimization of selling, general, and administrative...
Matthew Johnston
Partner, London
Brings 20 years of advisory and interim-management experience in restructuring, turnaround, and transformation
Tomas Jones
Partner, London
Helps large financial institutions define digital strategies and deliver end-to-end digital transformations at scale
Megha Kansal
Partner, London
A leader in McKinsey’s retail banking sector, focused on advanced analytics, and a major contributor of digital expertise in banking
Rehana Khanam
Partner, London
Drives large-scale performance-improvement programs as a leader of our operations work for consumer clients
Dieter Kiewell
Senior Partner, London
Translates pricing innovations into profit gains in a broad array of sectors and businesses
Brian Ledbetter
Senior Partner, London
Provides deep expertise in business technology, IT architecture and strategy and operations for clients in the financial services...
Matthieu Lemerle
Senior Partner, London
Supports corporate and investment banks, brokers, and exchanges as they optimize their operations to achieve sustainable productivity...
Cindy Levy
Senior Partner, London
As global leader of our Risk Practice, helps large global banks on projects related to strategy, organization, and risk governance...
Chris Llewellyn
Senior Partner, London
Advises senior leaders as they transform their performance and seek new sources of strategic growth
Emma Loxton
Partner, London
Works with companies across the travel and defense industries to build and deliver strategies and improve commercial performance
Helen Mayhew
Partner, London
Advises leaders in the public and private sectors, employing analytics as a tool to improve organisational performance—ensuring...
Sorcha McKenna
Partner, Dublin
Helps deliver organisational transformation in health care, with a special focus on designing and implementing integrated care...
Chris McNally
Expert Partner, London
Helps chemicals and oil and gas clients on a broad range of issues related to business and operating model transformation, strategy,...
Thomas Meakin
Partner, London
Serves consumer-facing technology and media companies on their most challenging strategic and commercial issues, co-leads our...
David Meredith
Partner, London
Extensive experience in health-system development in emerging economies
Daniel Mikkelsen
Senior Partner, London
Leads the risk advanced analytics work and is a leader of the operational risk, compliance, and control work in Europe, the Middle...
Zdravko Mladenov
Partner, London
Advises clients in the public sector on a broad range of technology topics, including technology modernization, technology and...
Jessica Moulton
Senior Partner, London
Helps multinational consumer-packaged-goods, retail, and food-service companies pursue strategic growth opportunities and strengthen...
Philipp Nattermann
Senior Partner, London
Works extensively with telecommunications and media companies on addressing the challenges arising out of market transition to...
Robin Nuttall
Partner, London
Leads our work in Regulatory and Government Affairs, serving both regulators and regulated clients on strategy and organizational...
Tunde Olanrewaju
Senior Partner, London
Advises leading wholesale- and retail-banking clients on issues of strategy, organization, operations, and technology
Aleksander Petrov
Partner, London
Leads our work in risk advanced analytics in Europe, bringing deep expertise to financial services institutions and corporate...
Swarna Ramanathan
Associate Partner, London
Helps drive McKinsey’s work in integrated future mobility, serving clients in the transport, oil and gas, and energy sectors adapt...
Anders Rasmussen
Senior Partner, London
Brings expertise in corporate finance and risk management to oil and industrial companies, helping them prepare for growth and...
Anke Raufuss
Partner, London
Advises clients on risk-management projects and leads McKinsey’s work in market and trading risk globally
Pedro Rodeia
Senior Partner, London
Co-leads the Global Banking Practice. Works with financial institutions on a wide range of strategy, digital and organization...
Dr. Kristin-Anne Rutter
Partner, London
With experience as a medical doctor, serves healthcare clients on strategy and performance improvement with a focus on capturing...
Tamim Saleh
Senior Partner, London
Pushes the cutting edge of advanced analytics to guide business transformations and boost the effectiveness of strategic decision...
Max Schlichter
Partner, London
Designs and leads supply-chain transformations for pharmaceutical, consumer-goods, agriculture, and chemical clients
Colin Shaw
Partner, London
Leader of our Operations Practice in the UK, Colin oversees all of McKinsey's Operations Experts in the Manufacturing, Service...
Ben Sheppard
Partner, London
Leads McKinsey & Company’s Product Development and Design practices in the United Kingdom. Advises clients on developing bold,...
Stuart Shilson
Senior Partner, London
Combines strategy expertise with government experience to support the senior leaders of a wide range of infrastructure-related...
Kate Smaje
Senior Partner, London
As the global leader of McKinsey Digital, serves consumer-facing companies on digitally enabled strategy, marketing, operational,...
Dr. Angela Spatharou
Partner, London
Leads some of the largest healthcare-transformation programmes in the United Kingdom and Spain, focusing on digital innovation,...
Gisa Springer
Associate Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in strategy, corporate finance, corporate ventures, growth equity, and start-up ecosystems, with a focus...
Natasha Stern
Partner, London
Supports healthcare providers to make good strategic choices in the face of changes in their industry, focusing on corporate and...
Brindan Suresh
Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland with expertise across the value...
Yoshi Takanuki
Senior Partner, London
Helps manufacturing companies shape their strategy and transform their operating model, applying operations expertise to unleash...
Zubin Taraporevala
Senior Partner, London
Serves financial institutions globally on strategy, productivity improvement, and digital and analytics transformations
Shail Thaker
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s Northern European hub of the Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice and the firm’s global healthcare organisation...
Björn Timelin
Senior Partner, London
Helps leading consumer-facing companies—including consumer packaged goods, retail, and luxury goods companies—to make better strategic...
Tom Welchman
Partner, London
Leads our OrgSolutions portfolio of assets and capabilities in EMEA, counselling executives in several sectors on the design and...

Gender Parity

UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Learn more about McKinsey’s UK gender pay gap report. Greater gender parity is a real priority for the firm and for society more broadly. For more than 15 years, we have been publishing research that advocates greater gender diversity in the workplace.

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